Ep 205: Fandom


“We’re going to need a semen sample for that.”

Ok, usually I try to write something clever and witty, but seeings how Danni had to distract the holy living fuck out of me, we’re going to skip all that shit. Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you, show notes for episode 205.

  • Episode 250 will be our first live audience show. We are excited as fuck for this.
  • It’s so fucking hot in here
  • Jon’s back – I was really fucking good until you spilled water all over my table.
  • The Absence of Brayden – Take a couple of weeks off then we’ll see what is what.
  • Bloody PMS Mess – What do you use when your twat bleeds? I can rap, but this bitch can flow.
  • Tobacco tax in full effect y’all! What’s wrong with your graphic designer?
  • How can I test if my son is gay? Ask a silly question… It’s all in the eyes.
  • Your lesson in religion for the day brought to you by The God Delusion. It’s all about the wafers and wine.
  • The shortest episode in podcast history. (See, that was a joke). Mat is a super star with a huge… Ego…
  • Wizard Rock! Need I say more? It’s cheating when you have an automagically appearing audience. You can all suck my cock.  Rock rhymes with cool shit.
  • Let’s call Joe from Ear Candy NY. Your lucky because your name sounds funny.
  • Lets just hurry up and legalize pot so you can stop taxing my fucking smokes so much. Smoking pot hurts.
  • Here’s your meth, oh wait, arent you Kendall Craig Farris? Weird.
  • Question of the week from Big Mouths Podcast, then we ask our question. Good luck. I just blew your fucking mind. It’s kinda my thing.
  • Bring your horse whip and toilet brush. This is why you don’t cry wolf.
  • I‘m gonna need some butt fat and some syringes. Thank you.
  • Fuck my life.
  • Even the shiest girls like it thick and long. Duh.
  • Fuck you Shelby Montana.

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