Ep 204: Skullchurch


“I’m good at scratch offs.”

Grown men cry sometimes, that is just a small fact of life my friends. Sometimes you need to sit down and have a good cry. Lesson 2, people talk trash. Don’t be such a sensitive Sally. The Jamhole is here to turn the heat up on all you prissy bitches. We have learned a lot about society and the world we live in since we have been doing this show. Its a cold world, sometimes you gotta be even colder. If you are wondering, Brayden is taking his two weeks paid vacation, and that’s fine, everyone needs a break every now and then. Remember KitKat bars? They needed a break all the time. Remember DJ Icey or Bassnectar? They were all kinds of down with the breaks. These are the breaks. Things are swell in the land of Jamholia. The house is in order, the couple is happy. Everything is good, and things are looking up. Don’t forget, we are doing our first live audience show in September. This will be episode 250. Those of you who are unable to make it, will have a chance to purchase the live show. But who am I kidding, everyone will be able to make it. You all have enough notice, there will be no excuse as to why you were not there. See you Monday… and now, the show notes.

  • Let me tell you about having kids. Some people are born breeders, some are born leaders. Step up your game bitches.
  • Bro’s time – From what he said, she sounds like a bitch.
  • Crocs, clogs, and clods. I fucking hate those things. Introducing the $6.99 croc. I’m too light for gravity. Have you ever seen a snowman secretary?
  • Edited some more NY video. MDS vs. Viola debate, did you have an awesome night or what?
  • The PGB is only as strong as its weakest podcast… Again, step up your game bitches.
  • Today’s awesome game is called lets get this route done without Mat having to get out of the truck. Jessie is not very good at this game… Yet.
  • HBO Real Sex, It has been quite a while since I jerked off to that. Yay for randomrimjobs, boo for the recession. Danni wants to fuck on camera. That bitch was caned, like with a cane.
  • The weirdest escorts you ever seen. Its not for the money, its for the thrill kill cult. Full sex post op transexual dominatrix escort sex. I don’t need them, but you know they give you the good stuff.
  • Stupid facebook apps, gotta block em all. Have you got your facebook link address yet?
  • Online poker is illegal. Online poker is not illegal. Make up your fucking minds, or move to an Indian reservation for two please.
  • Hey Birmingham, do better. She’s got six kids and is possessed by the devil. No wonder your all starving.
  • Tom is back in the saddle again and out of retirement. Thank you Mat, for being such an asshole. Silly faggot, trips are for kids.
  • Skullchurch – I don’t believe in religion, and neither does he. Best pastor in the world. Skullchurch is always, and always has been. You do realize you ripped off the skullcandy logo right?

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