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Ep 121: Triforce of Mat


“Then I said fuck school and dropped out.”

Hello and welcome to episode 121 of The Jamhole. In tonights episode we have gone where no podcast has ever gone before. On tonights show, the jamhole proudly brings you a little something I like to call, the mat trifecta, or the triforce of mat if you will. Thats right, 3 mats, one episode, a whole bunch of shit talked. Done and fucking done. Join us as we disgust the word podcast, how everyone Mat knows cooks in a restaurant of some sort, or they are unemployed. We also talk about how Mat got his job, perkins managers and on the job waitress fingering, Mat’s band Vengence, and how Mat met Mat. After that we talk about Mat’s doctors appointment, and then we poke a little fun at Mat’s hitter friend. Then we do some confessions, then we do some news. News stories include but are not limited to: Getting bobbitised, dying in squalor, fucking horses… again! and why did the british torture obama’s grandpappy?

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