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Ep 127: The Other Side


“Here’s a sucker, merry christmas.”

Hello and welcome to another special sunday version of the jamhole, this will be episode 127, with special guests marcus and kyle.  On tonights episode we learn the other half to the story of ben moving out.  Did he really fuck his roomates over or was it all fabricated lies?  You just have to listen and be the judge.  So we talk about this and we talk about that, then we talk about delivering food in 10 below weather, only to get tipped a sucker, being nice to your servers, and I finally figured out who the anonymous caller thats been calling my cell phone was.  Take a listen to the end of this episode to hear the clip of us talking to them.  Those who were listening to the live audio/video feed got to hear it as it was being recorded. So dont miss the next live show.  Anyways, after we talk about marcus and kyle, we do some news.  The confessions site was broken, so there was none of that I’m very sorry to say.  The news stories are: shooting your wife for fear she will rip your balls off, having zipper problems in a gas station, fingering chickens, and putting a hit out on your father. Pardon the audio, kyle has a hard time keeping his face anywhere near the mic, but thats ok, we can’t all have been born to do this.

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