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Ep 128: Group Hug


“Why don’t you act like less of a douche?”

Hello and welcome to episode 128 of made in Montana locally owned and operated Jamhole comedy podcast.  In tonight’s episode we have Brayden back, as well as a special guest female… Who only stays for the first 15 minutes of the show.  P.S. If your reading this, or you listened to the show, I was merely venting, so don’t be butt hurt, and I hope you enjoy the Jamhole t-shirts. Perhaps next time you are around and have time to stay for a whole show, you can come kick it.  Anyways, in tonights episode, we talk about our special guest female, and then we discuss the movie “The Day Earth Stood Still.” After that we get into how serious we are about podcasting, and Mat’s potential office christmas party +1.  Then we do a quaint sexy little re enactment sent in to us by 26.  I’m not gonna get into the details, but the party’s involved are male aged 53 and female aged 12… Of course!…  After that we get into the beautiful blood filled boner giving magic that is anonymous internet confessions.  That’s right folks, one entire 2 hours plus episode dedicated to everyone who’s life totally sucks little dicks and butts.

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