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Ep 363: I’m Awesome


“Just go in your room if you have to beat off.”

I’m back from Lewiston / Clarkston and the trip was pretty awesome. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it on the show tonight. The trip reminded me how much I really like driving, down the open road, just me and my thoughts, some weed and a cot. Well maybe not a cot, but you get the picture painted. Good food, friends and folf, what more could I possibly ask for? Well, donations would be nice. I know there is quite a few of you out there listening to the show, and probably a few of you listeners actually enjoy the show. What’s five bucks to you right now? It ain’t shit. But, if a bunch of you all donate five bucks to the show, it will really make a difference in my life. Thanks and we’ll see you tonight.

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