Ep 363: I’m Awesome


“Just go in your room if you have to beat off.”

I’m back from Lewiston / Clarkston and the trip was pretty awesome. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it on the show tonight. The trip reminded me how much I really like driving, down the open road, just me and my thoughts, some weed and a cot. Well maybe not a cot, but you get the picture painted. Good food, friends and folf, what more could I possibly ask for? Well, donations would be nice. I know there is quite a few of you out there listening to the show, and probably a few of you listeners actually enjoy the show. What’s five bucks to you right now? It ain’t shit. But, if a bunch of you all donate five bucks to the show, it will really make a difference in my life. Thanks and we’ll see you tonight.

  • I’m leaving town, Danni and Shaun will be by themselves. I gave them complete consent to fuck until pussy and dick is sore. Did they? Find out tonight! My guess is probably not.
  • Shaun and myself recorded a new song, just messing around in the lab. You can hear that on the myspace page or the forums music player. It’s called Tear It Up! You can also hear it on Shaun’s myspace page. If you are subscribed to the podcast, the song is at the end of this episode.
  • It’s kind of a mood killer when poop comes out. If you are going to have anal, take the proper preparations.
  • Do you remember McCain and Palin? McCain must be on a nation wide tour to take his name off the stickers. Can you blame him?
  • Let me get this straight, you are actually collecting signatures to get RID of the medical marijuana law? Talk about setting the world back. We talk more about this on the Hot Box podcast. Weed makes all of our shitty lives that much more tolerable. You know what, you are right, it’s better to have a society where everyone is addicted to pain pills. That way everyone dies at a younger age, thus helping the overpopulation problem. What a bunch of assholes.
  • So I am apparently the most hated podcaster in the game. Thank you, it’s been tough, but I’ve finally done it. I’m also a douche bag roommate.
  • I don’t ever want to jerk off again. If I wanted to jerk off all the time, I would be single.
  • The sickness has finally passed… For the most part. I’m sure all this running around in the rain is helping me.
  • Shaun has a crippling case of Awesome. Rumor is, Shaun helped write the song, “I’m Awesome.” Ok, that was a lie, but he is awesome.
  • Shaun’s love life, maybe not so awesome. He’s too awesome to be tied down and he hates his life. Let’s hear all about it. Be his friend on facebook, it’ll make him feel better. Listen as he pours his heart out, and teaches us all a little something about chicks.
  • I’m basically waiting to die, partly because I want to see what’s next, partly because this life is pretty monotonous.
  • Not having sex anymore sure will kill a relationship.
  • Looks like BP has finally got everything all cleaned up. Right? No, of course not. So if anyone has access to a space ship, I think it’s high time we found ourselves a new planet. I fully agree with Vietnamese American Joseph Cao, Lamar McKay should kill himself and save what little honor he has left.
  • You should all go watch the movie Collapse, if you haven’t seen it yet. Shit is starting to get crazy.
  • When I jerk off, I get all tantric. It’s way more fulfilling, but it takes a bit more time. I have no idea why we talk about this kind of crap.
  • Killing your child because you are literally retarded. You can’t stuff pages of the bible down your child whom you’ve named Faith. I love these kinds of stories.
  • While we’re speaking about religion, let’s talk about people who are scared to take the census, because it’s the work of the devil. Fuck people are so retarded. Bring on the end times! PLEASE!!!
  • Can I request a straight man to strip search me. I’m not in the mood to get fucked again. Have you seen how much plane tickets are these days? The gays sure do like their drugs.
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