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Ep 364: Cry It Out


“It’s not my fault people make me be a dick.”

So, how about those… Nevermind, this is silly. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Shaun wanted me to mention that he should probably never be that drunk on the show again. I’m pretty sure he divulged some pretty personal shit, and if he ever listens back to the show, he’s gonna feel pretty sad about it. Shit, I feel pretty sad about it. That’s what a sixer of the PB’s will do to you. Anyways, I posted this on twitter, but I’d like to talk about it here. Let’s face it, you don’t wanna hear about my sad ass relationship problems. Or do you? Well, you can listen to the Wednesday show and figure out what’s up. So, this guy here, this 31 year old computer hacker,┬ádecided it would be a good idea to steal a bunch of personal information, credit card numbers, anything you might need to steal someone’s identity. The cool thing about this is, he stole information from women, then blackmailed them into getting all hot and heavy on the web cam for him. The still greatest part about this whole fucking thing is… Most of the women actually did it! Apparently he tricked them by using free song downloads that were infected with malware. Once you click on some nasty stupid shit like that, it’s pretty much over. Tape up the camera on your laptop, especially if you are a hot sexy chick. Although, if you are a hot sexy chick, chances are you have some sort of hot sexy filth of yourself on your computer. Of course, once you have total control of someone’s computer, you have to go perusing through C:/mycomputer/pictures/filthy_sex to see what sort of treasure can be found. So in closing I just want to say right on to this guy, and right on to hot sexy chicks. Thank you.

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