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TJH 654: Thirty Dicks


“Hey, can you be better parents?”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. Mother fuck it’s gotten cold here since last we spoke. That’s Montana though. The Chthonic Chronicles album is now on iTunes, so that’s pretty cool. I also have a bunch of cool CD Baby download cards. These have a code that you go to the site and type in, that allows you to download the album. It’s handy for handing out to people to help spread the word. So if you want some to hand out to people, let me know.

Have I mentioned the album is on iTunes? That’s right, go get it and write a review about it for me. Snowboard season starts in a week or two depending on weather, so that’s pretty exciting. We’ll hopefully take more footage this year and make some more fun videos. Remember the snow videos from last year? There’s a playlist of them here on Youtube. Other than that, say hi on the social and we’ll talk to you soon. Enjoy the show notes and the episode. We’re also doing these episodes now through hangouts on air. Follow the Jamhole on Google+, and make sure to subscribe to the new Jamhole YouTube page so you can watch this crap.

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