TJH 654: Thirty Dicks


“Hey, can you be better parents?”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. Mother fuck it’s gotten cold here since last we spoke. That’s Montana though. The Chthonic Chronicles album is now on iTunes, so that’s pretty cool. I also have a bunch of cool CD Baby download cards. These have a code that you go to the site and type in, that allows you to download the album. It’s handy for handing out to people to help spread the word. So if you want some to hand out to people, let me know.

Have I mentioned the album is on iTunes? That’s right, go get it and write a review about it for me. Snowboard season starts in a week or two depending on weather, so that’s pretty exciting. We’ll hopefully take more footage this year and make some more fun videos. Remember the snow videos from last year? There’s a playlist of them here on Youtube. Other than that, say hi on the social and we’ll talk to you soon. Enjoy the show notes and the episode. We’re also doing these episodes now through hangouts on air. Follow the Jamhole on Google+, and make sure to subscribe to the new Jamhole YouTube page so you can watch this crap.

Watch us do this nasty thing live. Usually on Sunday, but we try to bang out a show whenever we have time. Like I mentioned previously, follow the Jamhole on Google+ if you want to participate in the live show. Also subscribe to the new Jamhole YouTube page, which is where the live shows get posted.


Our friend Ben, who drew the album art for the Palici Chthonic Chronicles album, might actually be a hero. He is starting to prophetically draw stuff. He drew this a few weeks ago. If you watch the live show, you’ll see the similarity of what I’m talking about here. Follow Ben on Twitter.

It got paid forward to me finally the other day. Some nice older lady bought my breakfast for me. It was probably one of the nicer things that has happened to me this year. Want to pay it forward? Hit up the donate page and buy us some food or something.

Have you seen the Maze Runner? I have one question… Yes, it involves rape.


We also watched the new Godzilla movie. I have to say I liked this one much better than the one with Puff Daddy from back in 1998.

Do you watch Drugs INC.? As an alleged drug addict, this show interests me quite a bit. I don’t know why, but for some reason it’s really funny to me.


Have you heard about Ferguson? Something about cops shooting kids? I don’t know. What I do know, is that someone ran a train there. A train named Thomas. Put your hands in the air like please don’t shoot!

So we’re pretty well fucked in the whole climate change department. Here’s another article detailing how. 2014 could possibly be the hottest year on record. In other news, NASA is tracking a pretty decent size iceberg. Check out the post about it here on their Google+ page.


Another gross case of a worm in the brain. It was an inch long tapeworm to be more specific. If you want to read a cool book about gross parasites that do even nastier things to other things, check out Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer.


Perhaps one day, we can all live in a world where rappers are held accountable for their rhymes. But until that happens, we’ll continue rapping about fucking bitches, selling drugs, and not paying taxes. His rap name is Tiny Doo. Fuck man, I need a cool rap name like that.

I finished the Martian by Andy Weir. Holy fucking shit, it was so fucking good. I’m now reading a book by Ryan Holiday called Trust Me, I’m Lying. This book is pretty much going to ruin life for me. Ok, maybe not my whole life, but it’s definitely going to ruin the internet for me. You should probably learn something about the media you consume online, and check out this book.


Are you worried about nasty skin on skin contact while trying to get your fuck on? Worry no more, because now we have the Scroguard. That’s right, the Scroguard. You should probably watch the full on promotional infomercial here on YouTube, and be sure to leave them a helpful comment. I love that this shit has over 1.5 million views.

Woot is definitely something to be used very carefully. I think I might have a problem. You should help that problem and kick us some change. Also, did I mention the Palici Chthonic Chronicles album is on iTunes?


Terrorism is down coming from Terrorists, but the new season terrorists now are toddlers. That’s right, toddlers are more lethal than terrorists, and it’s been a good year for terror. Terrible Toddlers, coming soon to a nowhere near you. Is it weird they are mostly four year olds? I’m sorry, I thought this was America. We’re being the best parents we can!

Thanks for listening, while you are in iTunes writing an awesome review for the Palici Chthonic Chronicles album, make sure to write a review for the show!

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