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TJH 651: Shut Shit Down


“Animals always come back to where their food is.”

We’re back from the Faire and can’t wait to get home again. You know what we mean. I hope you enjoy the episodic frequency of this showmanship. Sometimes more, sometimes less. An odd mess nonetheless. This month is just like all the rest, except that it’s special. I am very super excited to tell you my brother, myself, and some friends of ours are releasing a new free album for your aural enjoyment. Half hip hop, half of the nastiest grimy basslines you’ve never heard since this whole dubstep thing became a thing. We are the Palici, and the album is called the Chthonic Chronicles. It’s coming out for free on my birthday, October 22nd. You’ve probably been hearing bits and pieces at the end of the last few episodes. Check my Soundcloud or Google Play Music, and of course the Jamhole music page for the downloads. We’re also posting pictures and shit of us here on the Mat Lee GU page on Facebook. For now, check out my latest track called Leaf Leaves on Soundcloud. It’s an Ev-G beat. I mixed it. Fuck yes.

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