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Ep 442: Jamhole NYE Special part 1


“We’re not done burning witches until we burn this one.”

Welcome to the glorious train wreck that is part one of the 2010 Jamhole New Years Eve Special. This is cut up into three parts for your downloading / listening pleasure. In part one, we have Mat and Danni doing what they do best… Well maybe not best, but we sure do do it. Listen as Danni does a test and trip report of MDVP aka White Rush live on the show! The balls on this one right? You know I would have been all up in that shit, but going up really isn’t my thing. I’m already up enough as it is… Anyways, listen and be amazed at almost two hours of witty (yea right) back and forth conversation that is guaranteed to make time fly by. You will never get that time back, but trust me, you didn’t want it anyways. Thank you so much to everyone that’s been listening, it’s been an amazing ride, and of course, it wouldn’t be half of what it is without the listener support and interaction. Wanna support even more? Help us pay the server bill! I’m sorry, I really need to stop asking for money like that on the show. I hate it and cringe when I hear other shows do it, but then I go and do it on my show. I know you like how fast you can download your Jamhole episodes, and I like that I can upload them super fast, but that speed and storage costs big bucks. Every little bit helps. If you are short this month, then at least help spread the word by writing a review on Itunes, and inviting friends to the Facebook group. Also come join the Forums. It’s all free. You like free.

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