Ep 442: Jamhole NYE Special part 1


“We’re not done burning witches until we burn this one.”

Welcome to the glorious train wreck that is part one of the 2010 Jamhole New Years Eve Special. This is cut up into three parts for your downloading / listening pleasure. In part one, we have Mat and Danni doing what they do best… Well maybe not best, but we sure do do it. Listen as Danni does a test and trip report of MDVP aka White Rush live on the show! The balls on this one right? You know I would have been all up in that shit, but going up really isn’t my thing. I’m already up enough as it is… Anyways, listen and be amazed at almost two hours of witty (yea right) back and forth conversation that is guaranteed to make time fly by. You will never get that time back, but trust me, you didn’t want it anyways. Thank you so much to everyone that’s been listening, it’s been an amazing ride, and of course, it wouldn’t be half of what it is without the listener support and interaction. Wanna support even more? Help us pay the server bill! I’m sorry, I really need to stop asking for money like that on the show. I hate it and cringe when I hear other shows do it, but then I go and do it on my show. I know you like how fast you can download your Jamhole episodes, and I like that I can upload them super fast, but that speed and storage costs big bucks. Every little bit helps. If you are short this month, then at least help spread the word by writing a review on Itunes, and inviting friends to the Facebook group. Also come join the Forums. It’s all free. You like free.

  • It’s fucking New Years, and you should all be out partying, but instead, some of you decided to spend it with us. 2011 is going to be full on epic, the year of Johnson & Johnson… No More Tears.
  • A huge thanks to Drew and his friends over at Sporkroast for helping out with some donations for our late friend Ryan’s two year old son Sam. If you guys ever want to donate some cash to his fund, email info@thejamhole.com and I will give you the info. We ended up getting $80, so thank you!
  • What do you know about White Rush? This is all about synthetic speed taking the place of the real shit… until it gets banned of course.
  • Guess who just so happened to find some White Rush? Fuck yea, that’s how we roll. Just listen as this show completely spirals out of control. I love how we make fun of people for smoking incense, but it’s ok for my girlfriend to snort invigorating bath salts. Oh well.
  • Let me introduce you to a little friend of mine who goes by the name of MDVP (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone). Here are some trip reports from Erowid.org.
  • This one is called Best Times and Worst Times. I love how Danni is doing this while I’m reading the trip report. How fucking epic.
  • Hey scientist, exactly how many milligrams did you just do? Haha, of course you have no idea. Danni isn’t a very good scientist. Remember kids, you can always do more, you can never do less.
  • I should probably apologize for this, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. These should have been the best fake rumors of 2010. Oh well, you can’t win them all.
  • You are 23, and your wife is 50, and you killed her with a gun. I guess you play with fire… I swear officer, the handgun just went off!
  • MDHP makes you want to move your jaw. Let’s have a quick trip run down so far from psyconaut Danni’s MDHP experience. Let’s all count how many blow me jokes I make.
  • Who would have guessed, your 25 year old SPECIAL ED teacher was selling and probably doing heroin. A horse if a horse of course of course, when you teach special ed. Speaking of special ed, if I was retarded, I would just stare at tits all fucking day. We also learn Danni would rather take a shot of semen than poo.
  • A 50 year old was arrested for exposing himself to some hoe on this flight. Dude, you have to be in first class for those “perks.” Also at this point Danni points out how jittery she’s starting to feel. That’s not a good sign of things to come.
  • At this point the live listeners got a pretty nice HD shot of Danni’s tits for a few. This is why you should also catch the live shows once in a while. At this point Danni points out that her jitters went away.
  • Yes, on top of working a day job and producing two podcasts, I am working on this hip hop album. This is going to be a real album not just a mixtape. If you want a free mixtape to hear my lyrical abilities, check out the Rap Music Project. I spent quite a bit of money on the beats for this new album, so I probably won’t give it away for free. But it’s going to be awesome and well worth your money. Plus you will feel good for supporting young (kind of) struggling up and coming hip hop talent.
  • This also sounds like about the point where I start my journey down train wreck drive.
  • It’s never good when your best friend starts speaking in tongues and making claims that he is the almighty. Especially when he’s wielding a plus 5 knife of defeat.
  • Guess what else has claimed the lives of more people than marijuana? Add it to the fatality list. I guess it did do it’s job, you don’t have neck pain when your dead. This is probably why we have warning labels on stuff.
  • I got two more hours to be a huge dick to Danni before my new years resolution of being nicer to her kicks in. This was a fun episode. Part 3 on the other hand, maybe not so much.
  • Tag team back again… this lady and her daughter got down on this poor little kid. Danni comes out of the closet about some creepy sexual things from her past. “Your hung like a horse… for a fourteen year old.” Her words, not mine. Talk about red flag.
  • Trip report update, Danni is a stereotypical twentysomething… except she doesn’t smoke pot. Did you see that Facebook comment? If not, you should be friends with her. Let’s read a few New Years resolutions from the chat.
  • I’m going to write more raps and keep on podcasting. I’m going to keep smoking ciggys. Danni’s New Years resolution? To google more stuff.
  • We get a call from Redfox from the Sporkroast podcast. Trip report update, Danni bravely redoses. If we can all make a promise to ourselves, to podcast better, 2011 is going to be our year.
  • I think this is about the point where Danni lost her shit. But she’ll probably argue that point. Danni blows up her brothers spot for breaking her headphones. Not nice. Danni feels focused, I will argue that point.
  • Hey Brayden, are you hung like a fourteen year old? Again, her words.
  • Let’s wrap things up with a nice Florida story about a gentleman sans pantalones in a 2005 gallant. He got his shit stuck on gravel and bushes. Why are you nude? No reason.
  • Thank you for listening to these last 400 something episodes. It’s been fun, and we look forward to another year full of great podcasts. We ended the live show with a track I am working on called The Hero. I left it out of the podcast because it’s not finished yet and I want you guys to have something on the album that you’ve never heard before. If I give out all of these tracks while they are in rough draft, once I get them finished and put the album out, no one is going to give a shit. Support 406 hip hop.
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