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TJH 607: Catastrophe in the Making


“Guys can be pretty much whatever we want whenever we really want to be it.”

Another week, another comedy podcast. We’re back after a little vacation from the show last week due to some Puffer made bologna sandwiches. If listening to this show for all these years has taught you one thing, it’s that you definitely can’t win them all. Pick your battles and you will navigate this crazy relationship much easier. In other news, I got Kdog a new bike so she can go ride with me. Happy yes? Yes, but now we’re broke. I’ve never been the best at budgeting money. Plus I have all of you here to help support me. So if you’ve been waiting for an invitation to kick some cash my way, here it is. Make it happen. I’m not gonna plug anything here, so just read some fucking notes. If you don’t know what to click on by now, you best figure it out or ask somebody.

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