TJH 607: Catastrophe in the Making


“Guys can be pretty much whatever we want whenever we really want to be it.”

Another week, another comedy podcast. We’re back after a little vacation from the show last week due to some Puffer made bologna sandwiches. If listening to this show for all these years has taught you one thing, it’s that you definitely can’t win them all. Pick your battles and you will navigate this crazy relationship much easier. In other news, I got Kdog a new bike so she can go ride with me. Happy yes? Yes, but now we’re broke. I’ve never been the best at budgeting money. Plus I have all of you here to help support me. So if you’ve been waiting for an invitation to kick some cash my way, here it is. Make it happen. I’m not gonna plug anything here, so just read some fucking notes. If you don’t know what to click on by now, you best figure it out or ask somebody.

My name is Mat and this is Puffer, and we’re doing the Jamhole live most every Friday evening. Check it here on Jamhole TV. If you need to give a link verbally, just say We also have Rachel sort of joining us. Remind me to get my other mic back from my brother. So tell me about this bologna sandwich that was so good we had to miss a show last week to eat. The truth comes out. Just remember, bro’s before hoe’s, like the sticker says.

We’ve been listening to a lot of DTFH lately. This is a great show, and has taught me many things. If you want to have a successful show, sponsored by the most successful company on the planet, simply follow the line. If you really want to get your dick blown off (metaphorically, not physically), listen to episode 69 with Pete Holmes and then listen to episode 70 with Aubrey Marcus. These two episodes completely blow my dick off so hard.

Have you heard the news? The NSA is actually spying on all of us! Yeah, crazy right? No shit. Do you know why it’s called PRISM and exactly what they are doing? Of course not, no one does. But Steve Gibson on episode 608 of Security Now thinks he has an idea of what’s going on here. Another great listen if you care about this kind of shit. As you should. Is Puffer and his constituency completely creeped out? Or is this another necessary evil?

Have you ever dealt with bed bugs? They are dicks, I would just burn the house down, much like this Jersey jerk off did. Nice work. It’s a Jersey thing.

Cops go wild. Well, a  mountie at least. Although by hiring the autistic neighbor to spy on your wife in the closet, you tell me you might not be all stupid. If I had an autistic neighbor, life would be set.

The penguin strikes again. No, not really, but this thug stabbed this cabbie in the eye with an umbrella. Gotta watch out for those rainy days.

How long have humans been selling weed for? You still can’t seem to figure this out and get it right. Also, why the fuck would you get weed from Mexico, when you could locally grow much better, much cheaper? This guy wants to basically become the Starbucks of weed. Did I mention we have a P.O. Box? This is all a comedic work of fiction.

I’m pretty sure everyone smokes weed at this point. I would start a poll on Facebook, but I don’t think anyone would honestly answer it.

How do you feel about Midgets? Excuse me, I mean the little people. Puffer’s first reaction is classic of everyone’s first reaction. Shout out to Wes, that crazy little local guy. Apparently Cafe Press had a little protest against their Midget Hooker coffee mugs. Get them while the gettins’ good, because the little people aren’t thrilled. This ends up turning into a conversation about midget porn somehow. It’s the internet, it was bound to happen.

Ireland is kind of fucked up in some ways, but I really want to go there. Really bad. Anyway, this guy was getting letters written in blood sent to him because of his planned abortion law that will allow limited access to abortion. See America, people are crazy everywhere.

Hey Puffer, how was your happy fun court time today? You might have the lawyer from Arrested Development. Glad you aren’t in jail.

Let’s do some FML and get the fuck out of here. Here’s the picture I was talking about.

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