Ep 171: Cockroaches


“Can we stay the night in the hooker?”

Hello and welcome to episode 171 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonight’s episode we start out the show with a train wreck so go ahead and stop right here.  We then continue on to talk about how Mat found a bug and Danni was scared of it so of course Mat had to chase her around with it until she cried, then we talk about a plane crash into a Montana cemetery killing 14 people, and 7 children, after that we talk about a pilot who thought praying was more important than trying to prevent from crashing, which leads us to Mat telling us how he found out people get old saggy wrinkly tale in the old folks home. Then we talk about the 4 car wrecks we’ve had here in the last week, which leads Mat to tell us about how he thinks about driving head on into on coming traffic. After that we try and figure out which is better, pooping or peeing, thus leading us to find out Mat orgasms when he poops.

We read some fuck my life, then we do some lightning round confessions, we do some news, and we play voice mails. News stories include: Burning down your trailer because your mad at your neighbor, going from being a millionare to delivering pizza, grabbing a gun by the barrel with 16 in the clip and 1 in the hole isn’t a good idea, what to do with your mummy when you got no money, and why people should hav abortions.

A huge thanks to everyone that came out for the Wednesday night live show. We love you all so very much! Keep those voicemails coming! As always you can get archived footage of the live video shows on the listen live page, on themyspace page, or right here at thejamhole.com/livearchive. We will be back Friday around 11 pm for episode 172.

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