Ep 176: Equilibrium


“I grabbed the kid snapped it’s neck and continued on with my day.”

Hello and welcome to episode 176 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonight’s episode we start off talking about our feedback system not working, which will lead to even more shit not working later. Mat gets serious for a minute, no jokes, and tells us about his sickness and how it’s getting more difficult for him to keep under control and he may snap any day now, which of course leads us to talking about people having too many pets and dogs… I mean kids and dogs. After that we talk about the fall of Christianity which will lead us to the end of America some how and that’s about when the show starts to train wreck so I hope you all enjoy the shit out of that. Then we talk about the 11 steps to get your balls back from your bitch ass fat pig of a wife for a moment so you can jerk it in your bed while she’s asleep without waking her up.

After that we do some fuck my life, then we do some confessions, then we do some more news. News stories include: Getting your wife back for cheating on you by killing your 5 kids and then yourself, Getting drunk on breast milk while driving, fucking bitches to death with your meatsword, and of course what better way to mourn the death of a loved one by showing up to the wake with a beer in had to start a fight.

We finally got the videos of the abortion protesters up on thejamhole.com/youtube and thejamhole.com/forums, and also our live video section.

A huge thanks to everyone that came out for the Monday night live show. Leave us voicemails for Monday nights show at 406.204.4687. As always you can get archived footage of the live video shows on the listen live page, on the myspacepage, or right here at thejamhole.com/brachive. We will be back Wednesday around 11 pm for episode 177. HOLLA!

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