Ep 185: Natural Selection


“I just need to have sex with something.”

Hello and welcome to episode 185 of The Jamhole free comedy podcast. In tonight’s show we talk about our pissing technique for some reason, not sure how that started. Then we talk about big donkey dick Chris and the crazy ideas he’s getting in his head. Uhh Yeah Dude will be doing their first live audience show May 2nd so any of you fuckers down in Cali check that out, I’m sure it will be a great time. None of us can make it because we’re all still broke from New York still. Also we will be doing our first live audience show May 23rd at Depot Park here in Kalispell, try and make it out for that if you can. If you need a place to stay we will do our best to put a roof over your head. After that we talk about the new AIDS brought to you by dirty Mexicans fucking fat pigs that we all call the Swine Flu. After that we talk about some more big fat disgusting pigs that we sadly call human beings up in the fatosphere, and big fat blog.  Then we talk some more about how fat people are destroying the planet and why they all should just be killed.. basically.

After that we do some fuck my life and then we do some news. News stories include: Cutting off your finger because you’re too broke to buy food, selling heroin at the age of 70, fucking your child and dog on your web cam, a girl beating off muggers, forcing your daughter to help cut up your own mothers body, giving a woman an abortion with a razor scooter, finding an 8 foot alligator in the engine of your car, getting scammed out of your own scooter, and getting your squad car stolen for a joy ride by your own wife.

Leave us voicemails at 406.204.4687. Follow the mat jamhole twitter account or sign up for sms updates on the side menu so you know when we are going to do our live shows there. As always you can get archived footage of the live video shows on the listen live page, on the myspace page, or right here at thejamhole.com/brachive. We will be back Friday night around 12pm Montana time for episode 186.

By Finn

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