Ep 207: Rap Sheet


“Hope you saved my spot for me, cuz I’m coming back.”

Everyone has their hang ups, ticks, imperfections if you will, and that’s fine, we all have something inside of us that we are not all that proud of. Remember the saying, “No ones perfect?” ¬†Well, it’s spot on, other than the exception to the rule that is Jesus H. Christ (who in all actuality for arguments sake, most likely does not exist). Some of us have a little problem with drugs, some of us speed and flick cigarettes at cop cars when we drive, some of us like to touch little children, some of us just can’t seem to stay out of jail. That’s fine, it takes all types to make the world go around right? Of course it does, because if we were all the same, life would be way more stupid than it is now. ¬†Personally, I’ve never really had any problems like that, beings how I try to model my life after the savior of the world, but living in a valley such as the Flathead Valley, I see a broad spectrum of people in my day to day travels. From the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows we have a little something for everyone here.

  • Danni gets pulled over right by the house, I would like to think she knows better than that.
  • We hear the full story of Danni’s truck getting destroyed by a forest and a felon, straight from the felons mouth.
  • Someone had sex with a mexican, and it wasn’t Mat.
  • Zack and Danni make a porno, and so does the PGB.
  • Hey Mike Boudet from erototoys.com, WTF Mate? You get him a fleshlight, you get me a huge purple dong.
  • Hey Kalispell radio stations, stop playing the flo-rida song. Its awful and gay, and makes me want to punch pregnant women right in the stomach. Hey musicians of the world, lets all just do that song.
  • Evading the police, because he’s just that good. Danni is trying to send his poor ass to jail. Danni gets her apology finally.
  • Hitchhiking across America, also for fun. HEY! I don’t drive a suburban, but I do have some meth.
  • Danni rips off Zach, and that’s the main reason he has nothing right now. Now lets all do the jailhouse rock..
  • It’s time to play Hi – Lo: Prison Style.
  • We have the letter Danni wrote to Zach while he was in the big house, you probably should have watched the live show during that part. Danni’s face was priceless.
  • Mat has a very odd encounter at the post office.
  • We are taking donations for painter stilts… for the porno of course. I mean seriously, how awesome would it be if we strapped on some stilts and started fucking doggy style.
  • September 25th live audience show. We have two options for where to have it and what to do. Go to thejamhole.com/forums and put in your two cents.
  • The Iphone sucks, get over it. I would put my HTC Vogue up against anything the Iphone can do. That’s the truth of the matter, so cry your tears and move on with your life.
  • 200 dead in Libby, and it’s all WR Graces’ fault. Nice work humanity!
  • Turns out Jon is actually a lazy sack of shit at work. Go Jon!
  • Have you ever heard of South Africa? Have you ever heard of rape? I’ll let you go ahead and put two and two together.
  • You have herpes! HA HA…
  • Impersonating your dead mother to keep those social security checks coming. Yea, she died six years ago. That’s not very Jesus like. Now if your mother came back from the dead, that would be Jesus like.
  • Hey you, thanks for listening, and then telling people.

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