Ep 211: Angels and Demons


“Don’t destroy another piece of my childhood so your plot can make sense.”

Everyday we get 24 hours older, I like to think as a constantly evolving human being, I am also getting 24 hours wiser. As much as we all enjoy reveling in this idea, it is not the case. The sad thing is, the more I think about it, the more I am starting to believe that the longer some people are alive on this planet, the more ignorant they become all the way until they are no longer able to take care of the most basic tasks assigned a human, such as feeding, grooming, speaking, and thinking. Are we made to de-evolve the longer we are alive? If so, then what sort of sick trick is this? Perhaps I am just confused, and all these retards that surround my day to day travels are in reality the smartest people alive. Perhaps I am the retard. I’ll tell you what, it pays to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask one question. Are you pleased with how you have evolved?

  • Jeff the snitch is a little fucking bitch! This is why we don’t hang out with fag gangster wannabees.
  • Let’s read the police report from Zac the Felon and Jeff the Snitch.
  • More of the good old Michael Bay is a homo douche fuck for fucking up Devastator. Just gas the whole fucking place. Roger Ebert finally gets it right!
  • Angels and Demons was much better than transformers 2.
  • Mat hit his fucking head really hard, and is now growing horns.
  • The celebrity death status: 5 and still counting. Hey celebs, learn how to do drugs you fucking pussys!
  • Mat is totally bad ass and invincible. Danni is totally not.
  • Truck camping is awesome, but some people can be D-Bags, even when enjoying paradise.
  • Pretty much everyone has seen Danni’s boobs.
  • Mat was really just mad that Danni was home when he got back from camping because he wanted to fuck the fleshlight. That’s all. I think this is the part where we get into it pretty decently. You’re welcome.
  • This is why you do not start fights while driving down the highway.
  • It’s not nice to hit and run. You know who you are, and you killed the person you hit.
  • Getting married and divorced in the same day. Way to keep marriage sacred you fucking retards!
  • Changing your idiot daughters’ grades does not actually make her smarter.
  • Even people that run homeless shelters are dumb fucking cunts.
  • Knowing was a cool fucking movie, also way better than transformers 2.
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