Ep 212: Contaminated


“That’s why it’s called the challenge.”

You may ask yourself, what exactly is the jamhole? Well, I’ve thought long and hard (dick pun) about it, and the best thing I can come up with is this. The Jamhole is the conglomeration of every single evil (but funny) thought anyone has ever thought about anything ever. The Jamhole is a place where we can all gather, not give a shit about anything, and voice our opinions in a very humorous way. Just remember, when you come to the jamhole, leave your morals at church or your grandparents house where morals belong. I live, breathe, eat and fuck the jamhole each and every day, and you should too. The Jamhole is all the ignorance of society made fun of at once, with one huge proverbial bitch slap right in the face of those taking advantage of the little people. So if you like to laugh, and I’m sure you do, then come to the jamhole. We have room for everyone. Don’t forget to bring your fleshlights!

  • Michael Jackson dying has killed more people than weed. Freakin awesome!
  • Cannibal Holocaust, while not real, was really fucking awesome. Great rape scenes as well.
  • Another date ruined… Poor baby was soooo hungry, while I waited. I waited because I care.
  • The Taking of Pelham 123, much better than Transformers 2. All John Travolta movies are the same.
  • Mat is NOT a star trekky!
  • The Driving Jerkoff Challenge. Are you game? Hotcakes is easier to jack off to than Distorted View.
  • Sit down and get me another sparks, because I’m buzzed.
  • The Fleshlight is the greatest invention since sliced bread. In other news, we are all out of lube.
  • Fleshlights can’t get pregnant, can they?
  • The rest of the show is pretty much devoted to Danni’s twat… Enjoy!
  • Josh from buttmouths podcast calls and tries to take over the show. Much like everything in Josh’s life, he fails.
  • Mat gives a demonstration of how to use the fleshlight properly. You probably needed to see the live show for this.
  • Red heads are totally sexy.
  • Mat compares Danni’s twat to a gaping hole, then makes it all better. You have to listen to this podcast gold.
  • A lesson in female anatomy with Danni.
  • Birth control FTW! Danni thinks Mat has an STD. She is completely incorrect. Mat is impervious to any and all disease.
  • Danni is no longer allowed to drink… for the next 15 days. This should be fun.

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