Ep 217: On the Rocks


“You’re not getting off that easily.”

It all started today. All of it, everything goes to shit when you try to change something. I didn’t even want to change it in the first place. But because certain resource limits are in place to allow for maximum monetary gain, we had to find a new home. So we found a new home, but of course when you move, shit comes crashing down around you. Which is exactly what happened. I personally would like to apologize for not having enough time to dedicate to this show, for not learning the ins and outs of RSS, and most of all, for not realizing what the fuck I was doing when I was doing it. You can still get the episodes from the site, and if you need them on a feed, just subscribe to the podcast gangbang feed. Not only will you get our shows, but the shows from six other podcasts we enjoy and are friends with.

  • This one is called “Danni’s Resume” – MDS sends in danni’s new and improved resume. Other than a few minor mistakes, it is spot on.
  • Our sex life spills over into every episode. Only because Danni makes it that way.
  • Mat should never shave when he’s pretty fucking high. Although it makes for good album art.
  • Mat would much rather fuck Danni than the fleshlight, but only because of convenience.
  • Fishing stories, what would you do in that situation? Go for the bigger thing DUH!
  • There is now a fish swimming around smith lake with a huge hook in its mouth. That was Danni’s fault.
  • The Killing Gene. How much pain could you take before you flipped the switch?
  • Jaws the quadrilogy, one of Mat’s favorite movies when he was a kid. Sharks are awesome! Why did all the black people act like black people back then? Weird…
  • Mat’s ten year high school reunion is coming up. Nice work guys, look at everything you have accomplished. Danni reminisces about her 3 years as a senior in high school.
  • The American Dream sucks. Fuck getting married and having kids. You all have it covered thanks.
  • Delivering in the rain fucking sucks.
  • Mat  may have clogged up a toilet at a place he delivers to. Make your toilet holes bigger! It was like soft serve, but  a little bigger.
  • Mat got a sweet tip while delivering. Some motherfucking chronic!
  • Remember the shroomery? Mycology is awesome.
  • The sky is blue, water is wet, and women lie. That’s all.
  • Five lies all women tell. Those lying bitches.
  • I’d rather you just blow your load on my stomach. Huge fan of the cum shots.
  • Crooks who got burned by the internet. That’s what you get you creepy weirdo.

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