Ep 218: Face Off


“Eat shit and die!”

I hate when I get behind on show notes. Honestly, I have never really gotten behind on show notes, I am usually really good about doing them. But when the site breaks and the RSS gets all fucked up, of course I figured I would just wait until it’s fixed then do them. That is of course, if it gets fixed. This is the second episode since the feed broke, and it is still not working properly. Oh well, what do you do? You keep on keepin on, in the face of adversity and broken rss feeds and over use of server resources. You keep on that shit. Eventually everything will work itself out.

  • The Jamhole goes mystery science theatre on that ass. Not sure how well this worked, but it was fun. We tried to watch pink flamingos, but Mat kept falling asleep. That’s how good that weed is.
  • Mat finally got some new shoes.
  • Danni gets even more fucked over at her work. Why you may ask? Because much like us, they just don’t give a fuck.
  • This is what happens when putting in your two weeks notice totally backfires.
  • That was my picture you son of a bitch, why would you even do that?
  • Danni is seriously upset about managers at her job being total fuck faces, and completely taking advantage of her.
  • We found a pretty awesome pinhole camera from thinkgeek.com. Check out how cool this is!
  • Fuck filling out job applications, I will never ever ever fill out another job application again ever.
  • Where does this screw driver go? Oh right, it goes in my four year old brother’s ear.
  • Why hanging your head out of the window while driving might not be such a good idea.
  • This is what you get when you try to have your own retard farm. What a gaping hole.
  • Our neighbor is a weird fucking liar. Why would you do that?
  • When the DUI checkpoint is a weird fucking liar. You wonder why people are such fucking assholes.
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