Ep 226: You Been Served


“You had to have known this was gonna happen right?”

Sometimes life can be very overwhelming, and you might wanna just give in and give up. But then other times you feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you. It’s this ebb and flow that makes life worth living, I mean really how awesome would shit be if it was all just great all the time. Great would turn into good which would turn into ok, and that’s where it would stay. Everything would just be ok. But because things suck so bad sometimes, that opens up the door for the possibility of things being really fucking awesome sometimes. It’s a give and take, a balance if you will. Basically that is the key. Balance runs the universe whether it be the secret of why suns don’t collapse under such immense pressure and mass, or down on a molecular level why we do the things we do. It’s all relative.

  • Everything on the internet is six degrees away from porn. That’s just how it is. Also, tell me when you will be coming home so I can actually enjoy jerking it.
  • Who got served? Did you know we do an awesome podcast? Have a seat guy, want some cookies?
  • Radio stations suck so bad. That’s your job, and you fucking suck at it. Just play shitty music and leave the funny banter to us thanks.
  • Perhaps we can fake some death?
  • Medical bills are teh suck, and this is why there is such a thing called medical bankruptcy.
  • Danni should go to medical school, that way she could just fix herself.
  • We have a lot of retard guests on the jamhole, you’ll have to be more specific.
  • Disgusting cyst popping videos. How bored were you today? This is why Danni needs a full time job.
  • Can someone please explain how that much shit can get under your skin?
  • Remember Dave Coulier? I just did some research, and he has twit pics of being in Montana. Weird.
  • Scientists have once again blown our minds. Add THC to any plant!
  • Drugs in skittles, my two favorite things. Why doesn’t this shit ever happen to someone who would appreciate it?
  • A Pound of meth in her bra, it’s because she had no boobs from doing all that meth.
  • Almost killing yourself while cleaning the toilet. Try harder next time.
  • Forcing air into your friends anus. I really don’t have anything else to say about this.
  • Who likes to drink little boy urine? This guy does! Do we really need to keep people like this alive?
  • Fuck my life!
  • It’s the thought that counts. Some of you need to remember that.
  • Hey twentysix, that video was awful, was that the point of it?
  • Win a 120 Gig Ipod loaded with jamhole stuff!

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