Ep 288: The Keith Malley Story


“Danni, its ok when he twitches when you blow him.”

I started this podcast in February 2008, for two reasons. First, when I was in 8th grade and really into beavis and butthead, I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to start your own radio talk show. Then in 2005 when I got my first ipod, I found these things called podcasts. There was a LOT of shit shows out there, but if you dig hard enough you’ll find the gold. I started out listening to Informer and Snitch, then I found Keith and The Girl and Distorted View. I’ve been listening to both ever since. I always thought it would be cool to start my own show. I also thought it would be cool to interview the people from those shows. You know, to take it back full circle so to speak. Well, guess what… I’VE FUCKING DONE IT! That was all I had on my checklist, so if you guys want anything else in particular from us, email info@thejamhole.com. If not, we’re just gonna keep on doing what we’re doing. My work is done. Thanks to all parties involved. You guys are awesome. By the way, if you had to choose, in a fight to the death, who would win. Keith Malley or Tim Henson? Vote with the poll (if you can find it), here’s a hint, it’s in the right hand menu where all the other stuff is. The hip hop cd I made that Keith was talking about can be found easily at thejamhole.com/store. Also, if you like our show, and are into web design, I think it’s time we had a make over. Get a hold of me.

  • 6 minutes into Ep 119: Abroha, you can hear Mat’s first impression of Danni. First impressions love, first impressions.
  • The man knows how to pack a chat room.
  • If you ever feel the urge to say something clever to your water delivery guy… Don’t.
  • I was born with Parkinson’s disease, and that’s why I’m so twitchy. Thank you.
  • Hey, why don’t you toss a couple of those in the back of my truck. Make your jokes funny.
  • It gives me great pleasure to welcome to The Jamhole, actor, author, stand up comedian, podcaster, and all around great being, Keith Malley.
  • Looking for info ABOUT the show? Hmm, where would I find that information. If only there was a page on the menu that says About Us or something. Damn you internet!
  • So, tell me about your sex tape.
  • Your father paid me to start a podcast so I could get close to you. He really doesn’t like you Keith.
  • I will fix ALL of your computer problems. That’s right, ALL of them.
  • How do you interview a person who does a podcast about their life. Heres some advice, you wanna know about Keith Malley, listen to the fucking show.
  • Great actor, or greatest actor. Discuss.
  • The greatest relationship advice ever. Start a podcast.
  • Domain squatting is a dick move, but so is buying up land just to sell it. It’s called business.
  • Mat would probably kill himself if there was no Internet.
  • Inside the mind of a quadruple threat. Is there anything this man can’t do?
  • Get the hip hop cd I made that Keith was mentioning right here at thejamhole.com/store. It’s called “The Book of Matthew.” If any of you guys make beats, get a hold of me.
  • Keith is very disappointed that Mcnally is throwing away his life. Please start doing stand-up more Mcnally. Your life will thank you.
  • If you want to take your podcraft seriously, turn that shit into a business. Like a real one.
  • Just in case Danni still doesn’t understand, Tim Henson is gay. The next poll will be, “Do you think Danni can make Tim Henson stop sucking cock.” I’m skeptical…
  • Danni has great fucking tits. I watched that man almost die because of a lack of tits. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes, even more sad then when I found my dad dead in the bathroom.
  • Jamhole mission accomplished.
  • The greatest conflict of interest I’ve ever seen on a vehicle. War is not Christ’s way.
  • I have a disease, see bullet point 4.
  • God doesn’t do miracles anymore because he is way too busy blinking in and out of existence. It’s his fault really.
  • Check out Mr Deity. Especially if you have family you are arguing theology with. Make them watch.
  • I don’t believe in science. The one thing that can scare a man who’s been through hell and back.
  • Merry Christmas, the dangerous season we celebrate. Not because of the explosives, but because people are retarded.
  • Glitter is the devil, and you are an adult. Who are you fooling?
  • Santa robs another bank, because he has to pay his elves. If you heard this Tuesday’s DV ep, you will know that is a lie.
  • Getting your nuts ripped off for Xmas. Tis the season!
  • If the rock had a warning label, this could have been easily prevented. Note to self, don’t play underneath 84 ton rocks. I was gonna make a crush joke for Keith, but I went with something else.
  • Who’s the only podcast doing an episode / live show on christmas? That’s right, we are!
  • Don’t forget, Jamhole rediscovery this Saturday. Make sure you’re following thejamhole and dannigurl on twitter so you know whats up.

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