Ep 287: Naggers


“I want everything to be awesome, I wanna try ecstasy.”

First of all, I would like to apologize for getting thrown off my game during this episode. It’s hard to concentrate on what I’m trying to say when we have little jack fuck pud pounders in the chat spamming the word “Naggers” over and over again. Feel free to drop by his profile and leave him a comment. He may be able to get away with that kind of shit with some of these other shows, but this is the jamhole, and we have people that are bad asses when it comes to dealing with this kind of shit. I understand we talk a lot of shit, and sometimes, some of that shit is going to get blown back in our faces. I also understand that we do our shows on ustream, and second to youtube, there is a lot of bored kids just looking to mess with random people. What he doesn’t know is that I have his IP address now, ( and we can mess with him a lot more than he messed with us. I’m just a little sad kittens that because of this, I didn’t really get to say what I wanted to say, and the show sounded rough. I guess I have to keep in mind that after doing over 280 episodes, not all of them are going to be brilliant. That’s my OCD for you. Anyways, last nights show just felt off to me. On top of the spammer, then Ustream disconnects on us right when things got back on track. Few things in this world annoy me more than when I’m trying to do a show, and the technology we use has problems. I guess it was due time. We’ve had a great run on Ustream, and it’s been a while since it really fucked us like that. Nothing is perfect in this online world we live in, I just need to learn to accept it, deal with it, and move on. By the way, I’ve started recording our live shows on ustream again, so if you missed it, you can go back and check the archives of the main camera. Good stuff.

  • Wearing 3D glasses in a 4D world is not cool.
  • A quick run down of the first Jamhole Viagra experiment. You can’t pressure a penis to get hard, Viagra or not.
  • Someone has been craving something to make good feelings. I smell another Jamhole experiment. Also, you should probably know about what your ingesting before you actually ingest it, not after.
  • Here is the point where you hear Danni had to ban some dumb fuck in the chat. She actually didn’t. He kept disconnecting before she could ban him. You gotta be quick on the trigger. So now because of this, we have LOTS of mods.
  • Brittany Murphy died, and really had some funny shit to say about this, but then I got thrown off my game, so fuck it. I think I was going to say something to Nick Starr about taking a hint from her. This is how you kill yourself. Also, he unlocked his tweets again. I knew that wouldn’t last long.
  • What the fuck Ustream bot? Handle that shit!
  • The first Jamhole rediscovery went very well. We covered episodes 1-3, and the first episode Danni hosted by herself. The next rediscovery will be Saturday, December 26th, and we will cover episodes 4-6. Follow the twitter for start time.
  • If you use bleach to clean, make sure you are in a well ventilated area. That shit fucked my shit up. I still smell it. I blame that for being an hour late to work today.
  • Once again, I apologize for making people listen to the early episodes of the Jamhole. So much in fact, we’re going to do it again!
  • Let’s talk about Avatar! You MUST see this movie at the theaters to fully appreciate it. It would probably be super awesome at the Imax, but we don’t have that shit here. The story was basically a modernized version of Dances with Wolves, but the imagery is enough to make you not care about the story. If you spent 500 million dollars on something, could you ever be totally happy with how it comes out? I don’t think I would be.
  • I’ll be jerking off to that sexy blue beasty from Avatar until further notice. I totally saw her butthole.
  • Let’s get into the anatomy of these over sized smurfs. Thanks Danni. Where’s your penis dude?
  • The end times are upon us (Praise the Lord)! A massive volcano in the Philippines is about to blow its lid again. If you live near there, you should probably move.
  • Calling the cops because you suck at being a parent. This is why you need to beat your kids asses. Put the fear of god into them (Praise the Lord)!
  • Getting mowed down by a truck load of fertilizer. What a way to go. At least 50 people died. At least.
  • It was a good day to work at the morgue when they rolled Brittany Murphy into there. You know you would wait until everyone left, dim the lights, and FUCK THE SHIT out of her dead cracked out body. Of course I would make her look like she did in Clueless again. Duh!
  • We are still in dire economic times. In case you didn’t know. Because of the global economy being such shit, parents are now selling naked pictures of their own children, just to pay the rent. Let’s hear it for the Japanese! Fuck you dolphins!
  • Danni tells her boss how it is. She got promoted! To dishwasher…. hahaha, I’m an asshole. In other news, dishwashers do help make the schedule now.
  • Stalking your hot sexy chemistry teacher with GPS technology, just so you can ask her questions, then stab her to death.
  • The people finally got caught who were counterfeiting money here in the valley. They also happened to be tied to a drug dealing family. Guess where? In evergreen, which is one of our ghettos here.
  • Why would you go around sniffing other dudes assholes? Everyone likes their own flavor, but someone elses flavor? No thanks. What a creepy weirdo.
  • Getting your ass WRECKED by a train because you dropped an mp3 player on the tracks… Again… I would have paid a cool million to have been able to witness that shit.
  • I have a creepy bible shelter. I give a home to wayward bibles. I’ve got 500 of them. Don’t quote scripture to me bitch, I wrote the fucking bible.
  • I love you honey. I love you tube. Say it, your girlfriend will thank you. Actually, she will thank me.
  • A couple awesome voicemails left by our good friend PimpCamBobby420. Check the album art. Ya know! I know.

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