Dodgeball Game 2


Here is the footage from the last game Mat was allowed to play in. If you notice me acting like I should get kicked off the team, please let me know. We sum up from start to finish how having a little fun and making a video of guys and girls playing dodgeball can get you not only kicked off the dodgeball team, but banned from the boys and girls club. I did get my money back, so no hard feelings, although I am a little dissapointed I don’t get to help take my team to a flawless victory. They lost game 3 by the way, coincidence? Probably not. At least I got to end the season with a perfect record. Mcnally did a great job editing the footage, so if you have a minute, check out and show him some love. Mcnally, you do good work sir. This video was filmed by Danni on Tuesday, February 16th 2010, and you can thank her for the close ups of guys this time… You know, to be fair. I think the score for this game was 11 to 5, but it could have been 10 to 6, depending on who you ask. Did I mention we won this game also? This is the last video in the Jamhole Dodgeball series, especially considering NO ONE is allowed to film in the boys and girls club anymore. You can probably thank us for that. Well, and the lovely lady who manages the place. So enjoy this on the go with your mobile media consumption device, or click the more link and check it out on youtube. Remember to rate the videos and pass them around to your friends.

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