Dodgeball Game 2


Here is the footage from the last game Mat was allowed to play in. If you notice me acting like I should get kicked off the team, please let me know. We sum up from start to finish how having a little fun and making a video of guys and girls playing dodgeball can get…… Continue reading Dodgeball Game 2

Dodgeball Game 1


Well, here it is, a sport like no other. Dodgeball used to be my favorite gym class game back in grade school. Back then it was called Warball, but that makes sense considering it was a Lutheran school I went to. Everything is war with these people. Anyways, the Flathead Dodgeball Association has started a pretty damn cool thing…… Continue reading Dodgeball Game 1

Ep 302: Business or Pleasure


“Dana’s in the bathroom right now, and she wants to blow you.” I was going to write something completely clever and thought provoking here, but I don’t want to spoil the actual episode too much. Plus because of who we had on as a guest, I’m not really allowed to say anything. I know this…… Continue reading Ep 302: Business or Pleasure