Ep 367: Indecent Proposal


“I’m probably going to regret saying this…”

Are you like hundreds of other Americans who don’t own a computer? Where does someone like this go to look at porn real quick? Well, the library of course duh! This may all soon come to a sad embarrassing end if a city councilor in Massachusetts has his way. Daniel Raymondi has asked Mayor Thomas Koch (hahaha, you’ve got to be kidding me, his last name is Koch?) Oh man anyways, this major delta bravo wants mayor Koch to make a list of all the weird skeezos who have looked at porn on the library computers in the past year. So if you are one of the many unhappy married men of Quincy who takes a quick stop at the library on his way home to jerk off to some public library internet porn, you might be getting put on blast very soon. Good luck with that, and props to all of the divorce lawyers who are going to be soon over run with clients. In other news, if you have already heard this episode of the Jamhole, you know the whole show was dedicated to starting something new and fun, the pros and cons of starting something new and fun, and why it’s probably going to end in disaster. I’ll do my best to outline the key points. If you have an opinion on this, and you ARE NOT related to Danni, email info@thejamhole.com and let us know.

  • Let us welcome Danni back to the studio. We’ve missed you! From the sound of it, she’s ready to do the show again. I’m really glad you came back!
  • Danni pisses Shaun off by calling him a sensitive fag. Weird huh?
  • Modern medicine has once again saved a life. The plague is gone. Now, if I can only find my voice…
  • Danni’s master plan! I’m down as fuck. Are you? We’ll see how it goes. It’s better to have tried and failed then to completely not know if it might have worked. Place your bets!
  • The rest of the show is basically us talking about and trying to work out the plan. Thanks for listening!
  • The cat’s out of the bag. I’ve been hanging out with a girl. OMFG! Crazy right?
  • Mismatched libido’s in a relationship can cause A LOT of problems.
  • Where have all the decent fun guys in the valley gone? All that’s left seems to be D-bags… Hey guys, step your fucking game up please. If anyone is local and wants to go out on a date with Danni, email info@thejamhole.com and we’ll hook it up. You pay of course, because you’re the guy.
  • First we need to get Danni to stop trying to throw up in her mouth every time I mention anything about another girl. That’s where we need to start.
  • Let’s do a little risk management. What’s the worse that can happen?
  • Danni should probably run this idea by Ashley or something first. You know, just for perspective.
  • I apparently need to start caring more. If I have hurt you with my words, you probably deserved it. So go fuck yourself. I mean shit, I’m sorry for being an insensitive prick. Better than a sensitive fag right?
  • Every guy has a girl who was the “one that got away.” If he says he doesn’t, he’s either lying or he’s with that girl.
  • Now a days, humans should not be together with each other for more than ten years. After ten, you should go find something new. For your health.
  • If we make this work, it will be epic. Shaun might have a fucking stroke.
  • How does anybody have sex with anybody else in this crazy world?
  • No more ugly faces. I only want to see beauty shining from your face.
  • Camping was awesome, happy birthday Adam! I had a fucking blast.
  • I want you all… To donate and help this fucking show start paying for itself. Thank you. We’ll see you tonight for the Hot Box and Wednesday for the next episode of the Jamhole.

By Mat Lee

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