Ep 372: Go Fish


“Wait till this little bitch rips your heart out of your chest.”

I know I’ve been slacking on the show notes lately, but we’re trying to make some great things happen with the Hot Box podcast as well as this silly rap dream of ours, so time has been limited. So you can either read this, or wait till we talk about it on the show tonight, but we’ve gotten a couple of new hip hop tracks up. I made thejamhole.com/music which has all of the music we’ve made so far. There are two tracks from the Book of Matthew, the track of Shaun and I fucking around in the lab, then the two new tracks I just finished this weekend. So keep that page bookmarked, we’ll be posting all the music we make from now on there. In other news, we are starting to do the Hot Box two days a week. There is just way too much shit happening in the world of marijuana to do the show once a week, so along with the normal Tuesday episode, we’ll be doing an extra show Saturday in the day time as well. Hopefully that way we can keep the shows more focused (yea right), and spend more time on the topics that need to be discussed in depth. It will make me have fuck all for free time but it will be well worth it. I expect great things. I’m usually let down, but I think this will be different. Of course, the server bill is due again, so any donations are greatly appreciated, and help keep the show running smoothly. I think that about covers it for now, plus it’s about time to get ready for the Monday Funday show, so fuck yea!

  • Keep the post cards coming to thejamhole.com/pobox. We are asking all of our listeners who aren’t lazy pieces of shit to send us a postcard from their city or state. Especially if there are kitties on them. Thank you.
  • Hey Bigmouths podcast, when you do shows, you fucking rock, when you don’t you suck a cock. HA, that’s a little rhyme I just made up for you. Freestyle nigga!
  • WWGFD? He would bash the fuck out of boxes with his crowbar. Fuck yea, if you find some of these bumper stickers, please send them to the po box.
  • Hey Shaun, can you please stop being such a slob fucking roommate. Thank you. Also, please don’t leave your nut hairs all over the toilet. Now, please tell us about your first hate mail. This may have changed his life. If you wanna hear what the hater was talking about, check out the new music page or Lyrickal’s Myspace.
  • If you are a rapper who doesn’t listen to other rap music, I don’t want to listen to you… Or your rap music.
  • Thank you for the headphones Sandy, it is really making dealing with Shaun while we record rap music way more tolerable.
  • Danni can now appreciate what it feels like to heave from both ends. That’s called Karma. I think she’s still pretty sick, so she won’t be on the Monday Funday show.
  • More work problems. Do you think Danni just has really bad luck at jobs or does she cause the problems. It’s kind of weird.
  • Passing around depression like a hot potato. Good thing they have drugs for that.
  • So if you really want to know about my personal life, here you go.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender was a pretty ok movie. It reminds me of how much our reality sucks. I wish I was magic. Please stop making every single movie in 3D. They don’t all need to be like that.
  • Danni finds out who may have gotten her sick.
  • Danni shows everyone how jealous she is by making fun of my sexy new friend. Also being sick has made Danni lose quite a bit of weight, so she thinks she looks super sexy. Don’t get me wrong she looks sexy as fuck, but you lose anymore weight you are going to start looking sickly. Get well soon!
  • Hey, where did my toddler go? Oh right, I buried him in concrete. Never mind…
  • You shouldn’t dry a horse off with an electric fan. Not a very smart move for someone who comes from a family who can afford nine horses.
  • Yes thank you Danni, drugs do make you feel better, until you run out of drugs of course. Then, good fucking luck. Let’s hear all the reasons why Danni will never fuck Shaun.
  • If there is anyone to go out to a bar with, it’s Lyrickal 406.
  • More killing in Egypt. If you wanna kill people, listen up, this is how its done.
  • If you let aliens drive your vehicle, they may crash into the back of a strip club. I’m guessing he was just drunk.
  • The greatest case of Monkey see, monkey do. I wonder what it would have done if the monkey would have seen him jerking off. Did I mention the monkey is missing one arm and one leg?
  • Thank you, we’ll see you tonight! Send us postcards and donate some cash to pay the server bill.

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