Ep 432: Winning An Emmy


“If you don’t do that some people feel really fucking weird… Then they kill people.”

Lot’s of awesome things going on in the world of the Jamhole. Basically what I need you to do is join the Jamhole forums and the Jamhole Facebook group. Danni is kind of upset that the Hot Box group has 400 members, while the Jamhole only has 288 members. Come participate in the Jamhole online community. I promise it’s more fun than watching your roommate destroy his life playing world of warcraft all day.

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  • You are listening to 3 time EMMY Award nominated podcast talk show gold. Ok, it’s just a podcast award nomination, but it’s the third one we’ve gotten in three years, which feels like an Emmy. Thank you so much to everyone that nominated us. We couldn’t have done it without you all.
  • So it finally happened. My mother sent me a Facebook friend request. Guess who’s harnessing the power of the book. What do you think she’s using it for? Follow me on Google to watch my Buzz just like mom does!
  • It sure is slick outside. I’m probably going to have hell created, just so I can go there after I die. It’s so hard not to laugh when you see someone bust their fucking ass on the ice. Especially right after they just about fuck up their car.
  • Danni is getting old, perhaps even more old than myself. She is already having hip problems. Next thing you know her twat will be covered in gray hairs! Really looking forward to that.
  • Ok, I’m sure we’ve covered this before, but let me reiterate. If you have children, you are no longer allowed to be a thuggish shruggish bone gangsta fag. There is absolutely nothing gangsta about picking up your children from school and then going back home to the trailer park. STOP IT!
  • The different between you and me? I’m gonna make money from having a baby. You spend money when you have a baby. I’m a go getter, you clearly are not.
  • Pop quiz, true or false: Changing your Facebook profile picture to one of a cartoon character will help end child abuse… OR it will enable pedophiles to make friends with your children easier. DURRRRR, they are both wrong. If you changed your picture to a cartoon on Facebook, we are no longer friends. Nice work Huffington Post. Who does your fact checks? A kindergarten class? What a fucking joke!
  • Let’s give a huge round of applause to WillyGoat, our new analytics monitor. We are climbing the Itunes podcast comedy charts, so help us break that top 100 spot. Everyone needs to continue writing reviews and comments so we can kick the charts ass! Spread the word, thank you everyone, and thank you WillyGoat!
  • Hey Kalispell Post Office, your experience the other day made me want to kill myself. Do you think maybe you need more than one person working the front when the line is out the door? Do you think that might have something to do with you going bankrupt?
  • If you would like to buy a piece of Montana history, the Unabomber’s property is up for sale. Unfortunately his cabin is no longer on the property, but it’s a nice secluded piece of property.
  • Guess who fucked up a serious amount of money? It’s all about the benjamin’s baby. Can the Federal Government do anything without completely fucking shit up?
  • How the fuck can we take a place like this seriously when they are killing people for this kind of complete and utter ridiculousness? I don’t understand how they are still a nation or whatever, but I do completely understand why it’s always in turmoil. This guy coded up a picture gallery, someone else used it for porn, and now they want to kill the coder? That’s fucking retarded. Iran, your laws and your religion are both completely fucking stupid. Fairytales my curry stinking friends, fairytales…
  • Another complete and utter human failure. This guy tried to shoot himself in the head, and somehow ended up with a DUI. What a fucking retard. TA DA!
  • Hey, what are you guys doing tonight? Oh not much, just gonna go out and rape this bitch with this snake. Nice guess Danni!
  • Props to Tim from Distorted View for playing the bunny crush remix audio. I’m glad to see you got your balls back!
  • What a nice thief. If you stole a laptop and found it had child porn on it, would you turn it into the cops? Fuck no, but you would give it to a friend so that they could give to the cops. Finally, a somewhat smart criminal. Props broseephus. Mad props.
  • A felony for drawing on a fucking desk? Are you fucking kidding me? And you wonder why the kids are getting substantially more dumb each year.
  • Another house full of shit in Florida. Nothing new here. Except that they think he was manufacturing JENKEM! What a bunch of fucking retards. I’m pretty sure that’s a hoax.
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