Ep 436: Rings and Shit


“Never bring god to a knife fight.”

Four hundred and thirty six episodes and still kicking your ass. How much fun is this? It’s this much fun. It looks more impressive typed out. Fuck, how did I get so far behind. Have you seen people lately? I’m super surprised more people don’t get hit by cars (thank you atmosphere), always looking down at their little cell phone screen. The first person who makes Ray Kurzweil’s idea of lenticular computer screens is going to be a rich person. Could you imagine the possibilities of a 24/7 data connection seamlessly layered on top of reality? Without having to look at and hold a silly device. Fuck yea, I think that would be cooler than a jet pack.

  • Look here, Sandy can support both shows, I expect the same out of you. This piss poor jealous attitude has got to go. We should all be supporting both shows. If you have Itunes, make sure you are subscribed to the Jamhole here and the Hot Box here.
  • Merry xmas Danni, here is a $900 phone bill, and a ring. If you want a netbook for xmas, you had better take that ring back. Hold on, how the fuck did you manage to rack up a $900 Verizon phone bill?
  • I promise, I’ll have that money as soon as I get my check from the state. Whatever, as long as I get my rent paid on tuesday.
  • Money ain’t worth shit. So hows about this. Hey Verizon, as soon as the government gets the gold it owes me for my money, I’ll get your money.
  • Happy 23rd birthday to Reid from the Sporkroast podcast. Good luck dude, everyone is going to hate you, all because of that stupid song. It builds character.
  • Guess who found a copy of the wiki leaks insurance file! This guy. Is it weird that now I kind of want something to happen to Julian so that I can see what’s in this encrypted file? I’m an asshole. Now let me school you in the torrent game.
  • Here is some awesome tech news from the EFF about the protection of email. You should probably get a warrant now if you want to read my email.
  • If you spend a lot of money on a ring, I don’t understand you. I want something way cooler for that much money than a piece of shiny.
  • Do you have an extra 20? Send it to us and we’ll put it in a fund for our friend Sam. He’s 2 and he lost his daddy. Help us help him.
  • Nothing good ever comes out of these compounds. This one focuses on neglect and abuse. How do you get to that point? Sorry berger, there is no video. :(
  • Have you ever busted a balloon with your dick? That’s what it feels like. Listen to Danni describe her virginity in the form of anime!
  • Let’s check in on a drunken dispute on the existence (or lack thereof) of god… Fucking Russians.
  • So tell me about the time you got your nuts castrated… Poor dog. He should have used the Henderson Castration tool. Get your dog out of my fucking house!
  • Get dressed, go downstairs, and go outside. Now I’m going to kill you. Do you feel lucky PUNK!
  • You have to see this video of the gun man from the Panama City school board shooting.
  • I don’t understand why you would ever want to rape an elderly lady. This one whooped your ass with a frying pan.
  • Excuse me, can you tell me what aisle the rope is on? What is it with people hanging themselves lately?
  • Every business needs a Twitter account. You can pay me to twitter for you. No homo.
  • Email info@thejamhole.com and leave us a message at 406.204.4687.
  • Donate to Sam. For the month of December, all Jamhole donations will go to him. He’s 2. He lost his daddy.

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