Ep 446: Flipper Babies


“May 21st, 2011, go fuck yourself.”

Yay, it’s a monday show. Today is Friday. I like how as soon as I get the show notes all caught up, more appear that I have to do. It’s a never ending cycle of a coming to an end person. Podcasting some life into a dark void and then listening to see what comes back. I’m sorry, I don’t return, I enter. I get shit done then I leave, feeling like a million bucks trying to eat a dollar lunch. Times are tough after all. It’s better to conserve, or scramble those words over easy and converse. I exhale words through a gnarled jaw and yellow teeth, on the breath of a dragon. It’s a good thing your ears don’t smell. That’s right, I’m the Robin Williams of this rap shit. Remember, it doesn’t have to make sense if it sounds good. We have walking talking never ending story narrating living dead proof of that. Well, proof of concept anyways. The proof of concept for the truth that haunts us is aloof at constant speeds trying to get away from our wants and needs. It’s for our own good they say, tail turned running into the windy sunset. I’m just here trying to keep all of my songs as true as possible for as long as I can. Thank you.

  • Check out the show notes for part 2 of ep 442 to read Danni’s trip report in all it’s uncapitalized i glory.
  • Could you imagine living life if you lost your fingers? Our society is totally designed around having fingers. Fuck that would suck.
  • Flipper babies are no joking matter. Especially if there is a lot of them, all trying to slap you. Apparently this was a huge problem back in the day.
  • That new year fresh smell doesn’t last very long does it? The magic of the new year has completely left us. How did your resolutions go?
  • Hey Mike Boudet, Fantasy football is gay, and now you are gay be association. Don’t be gay Ed, don’t be gay. I don’t listen to GLBT podcasts, and if you both are gay, I’ll have to stop listening.
  • Time is ticking till the end of the world. I’m really glad at least now we have a date. No, not that 2012 bullshit, I’m talking about the REAL end of the world… The motherfucking rapture! People are so fucking stupid sometimes. Let’s keep an eye on these people, and when we get passed May 21st 2011, let’s all email him and see what the fuck is up. We can even make up stories about how we sold all of our earthy possessions, and now he owes us money. Fuck, I would have made an amazing preacher. Also, for more reading, check out this place.
  • Did you know we have poetry slams in Kalispell Montana? Fuck yea we do. I was there, and I’ll be there Sunday at 4:00 pm at the Boiler Room if you wanna come kick it and listen to some poetry. Here is the Facebook event. It’s going to be fun.
  • If you follow Wiki Leaks, the government wants to know. Our government fucking sucks sometimes. Play nice or step down and let someone else have a turn. You guys have fucked shit up for way too long. Everyone should follow Wiki Leaks and all of their accounts on Twitter, just to make a point.
  • When picking a fake name to give to a cop, make sure it’s a name without any warrants attached to it. Enough people have given out enough fake names by now that a lot of them probably have warrants attached to them.
  • Despite many attempts, her house is still haunted. Why does shit keep catching on fire? Hmm. Who you gonna call? Check out how awesome my India accent is. Obviously I can’t show you on the notes here, because I don’t write Indian and you don’t read it. But listen to the show. You’ll hear it. My name is MBOBO.
  • And if you listen closely right there, you can hear the train wreck actually take place. I think even Danni apologized for it.
  • Danni is going to tell us all about the next episode of My Strange Addiction. Apparently it’s NOT good for you to eat comet cleanser. Go figure. Now, tell me what you think of the girl addicted to tanning.
  • Nope, there it was. That’s the train wreck right there. Wow, 2 in one show. You guys don’t even have to pay extra for that.
  • Listen, she’s angry at me but she’s laughing. I was laughing too. That’ s a fun noise to make. I want you to all call 406.204.4687 and leave me your best sound like the sound I was making. I’m sorry, I have no idea how to spell that.

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