Ep 442: Jamhole NYE Special part 2


“Dude, we’ve been podcasting this whole year.”

Here is what Danni thought of the trip experience of MDVP. I am super glad she took the time as she was coming down and completely tripping out to share this with us all. I think someone should add it to the trip reports over on Erowid. I also enjoy how she ended damn near every sentence with LOL. I honestly don’t have the time or motivation to edit all her punctuation, so I’m going to leave that as is. I will fix her spelling though, because I love her. I am kind of curious how much time transpired from the time she sat down and started typing this, until she was finished. What a fun read.

Holy shit did I just jump right on my pc when I was all high? haha. That was a typing test and sight tests because when Icame out earlier to try something I guess I was still a bit over loaded with that stuff… and couldn’t type words right at all. lol. I knew what I wanted to say but the message from my brain to my fingers were slower and faster than others…. lol. So instead of writing my name, I wrote anda whddine I guess the data wasn’t sent at the same time it wasn’t received on time but I’m ok now! yay! I’m am super stoked to get my motor skills back! Hahaha, wouldn’t that suck, you try a new drug out because you were told its great and you try it and lose all signal from your brain to your hand or something… My pupils are still stuck on being huge, now, this is like well over 5 hours after I took my last bump. but I think I got the full effects of the drug in probably the best way you can. I started sober, no other drugs, not even booze of any kind. So I was a fresh nugget to fry. lol.

Brayden did end up doing some but he was drinking and smoking, I’m not sure if he got the full force of its wrath. lol. But next time, if I do any I will just maybe do like one or two small lines and thats it because it’s not at all like coke where its over in 5 minutes, this shit is like meth, so I hear. Most of the effects fade away but there are a few that linger on, like the big pupils, but that has always been like that for me if I do any stimulant. Another lasting effect is cold finger tips, the chatty sensation is gone. I notice now more than I did before the speedy effect, maybe it’s been the same the whole time just everything else went away and the speedy is taking longer to go away.

Also, I forced myself to sleep last night on ambien. I took one, calmed me down a bit, then took 2, that gave me the weird ambien high but we were having sex so it didn’t help me sleep… lol, so after sex I take 2 more. that finally knocks me out. Now not out out, like awesome good deep sleep. Nope, I’m talking the lightest state of sleeping you can be in. I was dreaming but I knew I was dreaming then I would open my eyes to move and the area would change to match my dream. Also, this is from the ambien, and it’s also probably because I took a little more than I should have and it probably reacted funny with the new drug… Anyway, I was seeing weird shit all night. lol

There was this bear face that looked at me all mean from in the closet…. and it would follow me. I thought I was going to go insane for a fast minute. The wall by the bed is wood paneling and these weird shapes would turn into animals and try to get closer to you, like pushing out of the wall it looked like… There would be times when I would open my eyes from being asleep for a bit and the first thing I see is that wood panneling right next to my face, but its nailed to the wall over 3 feet away. I’m not going to give a whole detail of the drug’s experience well, because I finally stopped being really high just a little bit ago and I’m still not all up to par… lol. I still see weird shit moving in the corner of my eyes… like gnomes or someone small and fast. All I know is that I hope it will go away before I have to work. lol.

  • Mat and Brayden take over while Danni has to run to town. So what the fuck has been going on Brayden?
  • Life in the restaurant business is rough, especially when you have to yell to be heard.
  • I explain to Brayden my new found bathroom stall fame. It’s safe to say Brayden took it way better than Danni did. Then again, it didn’t say Eat Shit Brayden.
  • After reading the MDVP White Rush trip reports, I decided, against my better judgement, not to do ANY of that shit. I had my fun though, as you know I do. I love how it’s described in the MDVP trip reports.
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! At least everyone who was bringing in the New Year proper with Brayden and myself. Let’s take a nice little victory lap and wake up the neighbors who give a fuck about the new year. Are we still alive?
  • Let’s reminisce on some old Jamhole shit. Brayden misses it. I used to know everyone in the chat, I don’t know who any of these assholes are.
  • Did you know we’ve done two Jamhole live audience shows? Check that shit out on the 250 page and the 404 page. Get that shit and help support the show. We have a new goal for the month.
  • Have you seen the Jamhole forums? I set that shit the fuck up. Now come join and hang out online with us.
  • Do some of that while I read some of this. New Years Resolutions are for pussies. If there was something I need to do, I would have done it already. I like Brayden’s logic.
  • It’s cool Redfox, I’m sure lots of people enjoy you talking pokemon. I just don’t know any of those people.
  • Fuck, now that we think about it, we are 2011’s longest running podcast. Fuck yes.
  • Terrible Stuff. What a great title for a trip report for MDPV. Let’s finally get to that shall we?
  • Time to take a break and come back for part 3! Thanks for everyone who joined us through this train wreck. Honestly, you can probably skip part 3.

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