Ep 458: Kingdom Hall


“And that’s the amazing process of child birth.”

I will be waiting… Time after time. I have no idea why that’s in my head right now. Who cares, it’s Friday (at the time of writing this) and I’m ready to get blazed and do another episode of the Jamhole. Go join the Forums or something.

  • Listen as we start this episode of the Jamhole off on a professional tip. You would think it was my first time using Skype or something. I should have gotten this voicemail ready BEFORE the show, not DURING the show. I hope it was all well worth it. Anyways, if you want to leave us a message for me to try and play on the show, call 406.204.4687 when the show is not live. Thanks Twentysix.
  • Fuck the environment, we’re human beings, and we’re all about our convenience. No matter the cost. So like, here’s what I have to say on the subject… Fuck off!
  • So I got some content for you all, courtesy of the local Jehovah Witnesses. You guys give obnoxious a whole new meaning. I don’t go knocking on your door telling you all the logical reasons why your belief system is completely ridiculous. So why the fuck are you coming to my house?
  • Is religion to blame for all these religious wars? Hmmm…. Let’s all think long and hard about this.
  • Now let me explain why our religion isn’t like all those other stupid religions. We’re so much more better and peaceful than those fuckers.
  • Let me use the inverted retina to rationalize why Intelligent Design makes sense. Jesus, what a bunch of retards.
  • Now, let me introduce you to my amazing friend, child birth! Yay. How to wreck your shit in 4 easy steps and ruin your life for the next thirty years. Ta Da!
  • Thanks to MDS for sending in this story. Detroit needs a hero to motivate it’s rebirth. We (the Internet) can think of only one person to fill those large metal shoes… Robocop. Fuck yes. This is what happens when you ask the internet for ideas to help resurrect your dying city.
  • This is a Domo, FYI. Domo eats a  kitten every time you jerk off. I can’t believe there’s a wiki for that.
  • Come watch the live shows and join the Jamhole hive mind. Every Monday Wednesday and Friday 7pm PT. 10pm ET on Jamhole TV.
  • Are you a sinner? Are you a Catholic? You can’t be one without the other, and if that’s you, there’s an app for that. We should make an app that is the same thing, but sends the confessions to a web page for everyone to enjoy. How fucking awesome would that be? That’s like doing confessions on a whole new level. Do you remember when we used to do confessions?
  • Are these antibiotics, or abortion pills? Let me tell you a story. Hey, pharmacists are humans too, and until you start getting your drugs from a robot, you should really be careful what goes down your throat. When that baby comes out completely retarded, it’s going to be able to sue the shit out of that pharmacy I bet.
  • What do you know about Harry Baals? Its pronounced Balls. Thank you. Sometimes I pick stories for you, other times they are for me. This one was for me.
  • Jamhole Update! Yes, that yogurt did in fact, contain semen. That is all. This just goes to show you that people are completely on autopilot and have no idea what they are doing on a day to day basis. Nice work guys. Semen smells like bleach. Don’t take my word for it, just ask the cum bot 5,000.
  • When I grow up, I put my childish toys away. You should take pride in your food service skills. Don’t spit in food. That’s not nice. Unless that customer is being a huge dick. Then, you kind of asked for it. Be nice to the people that cook your food, but if I have to be the one to tell you that, it’s already too late.
  • And that’s a Jamhole show. Thanks for listening. Would you be interested in having a Jamhole lottery? Hop on the forums and let’s figure something out.
  • Let’s briefly talk about some cool private torrent site history. Honestly, commercial free is the only tolerable way to watch television shows. I’m a snob like that.
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