Ep 466: Aiding the Enemy


“Talk about getting sick of your mate.”

Silly swimming, sinning for winnings in the seventh inning. So stretch, feel like an old wretch and play dead, not fetch. Play doctor in Proctor, then check out the hot springs. I’ve got spring in my step, warming my feet in the cold winter. The fee has been kept to the swarm of bees that flee colonies in exchange for a gold splinter. It’s that simple, pimples pop to form a fat symbol in the shape of a black Kindle. Follow the norm off a cliff then use your one last wish to pass judgement on a glass fish. In one last ditch effort you end up a picture in a frame on the dresser. Always remember.

  • Check out the forums for the Jamhole and the Hot Box. How handy is that? Almost as handy as a handy.
  • The rest of the Get Poetry open mic videos are up. Check out the Kalispell poets, it’s good stuff.
  • Dude, I bet you were so pissed when you got home and found your dog and your back seat covered in disgusting white frothy drool.
  • Thank you for having a shitty driveway. If I would have hit your Land Rover, I would have blamed you. I seriously almost straight up wrecked your shit. Gotta love the Montana winter.
  • Have you seen my god? At least I know mine will come back. You’ve probably never seen yours, nor will you ever. It’s so depressing when the sun is gone. I’m really surprised more people don’t blow their brains out.
  • Did you know we do live audience shows? Check out the Jamhole 250 show and the 404 show. Stay tuned for details on this years live show. Save your tax money and get ready for this shit. It’s going to be NUTS. I will do my best to convince Danni to go white water rafting with us.
  • Check out this awesome mite porn. They’ve been trapped in this position for 40 million years. That just blows my mind.
  • While we’re on a crazy weird science tip, check out these hagfish. These things eat in a crazy way. They absorb their food.
  • Did you watch the Oscars? Why does anyone still care about this? Todays actors are a bunch of fake plastic empty brained retards. I feel bad for the future of Hollywood.
  • Bradley Manning might get the death penalty because the United States is super pissed. That’s what you get for doing really shady shit. Not nice United States, not nice at all.
  • Let’s take a brief moment to look at how creepy the kitteh looks.
  • Christian fundamentalist who couldn’t seem to keep his hand out of his pants. Weird right? Why are the holy people always the weird creepy people?
  • Two people walk into this Facebook argument, one person walks away. Yea, she got killed. Over money. I bet it was Facebook money. How awesome would that be?
  • Holy shit, you just killed that 13 month old baby. Then you tried to rape the mother… You know, to replace the baby that he killed. I mean, at least that was nice of him.
  • More baby brutality, this guy apparently put cigarettes out on this little girls face. Not a very good use of government resources. He sure does have a way with the ladies. Next time get your own smokes. Fucking mooches.
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