Ep 467: Mysterious Ways


“I’m gonna start using that in my day to day life.”

Welcome to the show. It’s going to go down like this. Same as it has for 466 other times. Some like this, some not really quite like anything. Have you heard this beast of a back catalog? Skip the early shows, we were just getting everything figured out, unless you want to feel weird and awkward. Then sure.

  • Dig deep brothers and sisters, I put up with this for you! I’m just kidding, I love my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So catch us do this live every Monday Wednesday and Friday 7pm PST. 10pm EST. on Jamhole TV.
  • How would you rate your significant other, you know, if they were an android app? I get two stars because I force close all the time.
  • Jews, you can rest easy, the Pope no longer holds you accountable for the death of Jesus Christ. Or Jose as Danni likes to call him. Which is weird, because if it was god’s plan for his son to die on the cross, then someone had to be responsible for that. Besides, I think god only holds a grudge for seven generations. We’re well past that.’
  • Danni is setting some crazy orifice picking records on the podcast this evening.
  • Speaking about religion being all nutty nuts, here’s a feel good story about some black on black preacher on preacher male on female stab you in the face attempted murder. Could you imagine what it would feel like to stab someone IN THE FACE LIKE A PREACHER BOSS???
  • We have a debate arising out of Tacoma Washington. Crack or heroin? If you say the wrong one, I will kill you. Come participate in the poll on the Jamhole forums.
  • IF you didn’t live like a weird German with all these crazy spiders everywhere, you wouldn’t have gotten bit and then eaten by your pets.
  • Let’s all imagine me taking a dump on a glass coffee table. Thanks.
  • Coming soon to a weird fruit / vegetable porn near you, this fruit! No, seriously, it really looks like a huge penis with balls. Yes, it’s a passion fruit. Yuck yuck yuck. Walka walka walka. Of course this leads into some sex talk. That’s why you guys listen right? It can’t be for our amazing news anchoring.
  • Some awesome hidda hadda herdda news out of Kentucky. I was getting head, you try and not drive erratic. They are right when they say humans suck at multitasking. Although, I’ve done this quite a few times (received, not given you fucking sickos), and I’ve never had a problem staying on the road, if you know what I mean. I’m just good at driving, and even better at getting my dick sucked. Also, best mug shot of the week.
  • Look at everything we’ve covered so far. I think I do this when I have no real way to segway into the next story. Sometimes they just flow, sometimes you have to ram them together like a weird comedic news particle collider.
  • Best 911 call ever, for now. With the internet we can always expect something better than the previous best. So he must have been starving, because this is a freaking emergency! Also, a pretty decent mug shot. Imagine her naked. Dropping a deuce above your head on a glass coffee table. I would like to see a video of her resisting arrest, naked.
  • This is why it’s not really ever a good idea to be in a relationship with an unstable boxer. Think about it. They hit stuff for a living. That’s just asking for trouble. Pretty fucking brutal.
  • If you fuck Thai children, you might have aids. Funny how that works right? You thought it seemed just a tad bit too easy. I can’t wait for all the traffic we’re going to get from people searching for “fuck Thai children.”
  • How much blow can you cram up your asshole? So much you needed surgery to get the remaining 34 bags out of your self. Mule of the week! This is what happens when you get greedy.
  • Be careful when doing PCP, you might end up naked down a sewer hole. This is why I will never do PCP again.
  • Let’s talk about busting semen all over some toes. Yea, that’s how it goes. Email info@thejamhole.com and leave a message at 406.204.4687. Join the Forums, you know for fun.
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