Ep 479: Minor Rear Ender


“If that’s your bank, just know, that they sell a lot of fucking cocaine.”

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  • The cat is a bitch, we have a few pretty serious no’s in this house, and if you are a cat, getting all up on the desk is one of them.
  • The wave of the future, will be genetically modified cows. These cows are producing human breast milk. High Five guys. How did you “introduce” those human genes into the cows?
  • No, the radiation will not kill you here in Montana. If you haven’t left your house for two weeks because you are afraid of radiation poisoning. I’m pretty sure radiation is the least of your worries, especially if you get all your news from info wars.
  • When you blow up a shack, it’s easy to pick it back up. If you would stop blowing up buildings as soon as they get built, your country wouldn’t be such a third world shit hole.
  • Does your bank sell cocaine? If your bank is in this story, then the answer is yes.
  • When a little fender bender turns deadly… Mommy, why did that ambulance just kill that guy? Can you spell lawsuit?
  • This is why you should always be nice to your grand kids. You never know when they might try to kill you. He was 16 years old.
  • The hand of god (wind) picked up a magic castle and tossed it across the highway. Best ride ever!
  • Let’s revisit the wonderful life of Crystal Magnum. Do you remember her? Are you a Duke Lacrosse fan? If she would have really gotten raped by that team, this might have never happened.
  • Let’s educate everyone on how Ritalin works in your brain. Thanks Berger!
  • This is what happens when people take religion to the extreme. You are all idiots. Two day Koran burning, 20 dead.
  • Sheen apparently tanked in Detroit, much like the auto industry. Hey, it’s a tough crowd right? I’m sure your next shows will go better. I would yell refund too if I paid 150 bucks a ticket. You are crazy.
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