Ep 478: Concoction


“I’m gonna go back to not talking now.”

Almost caught up. I’ll start writing real stuff soon. Too many other projects need the words more than this does. You understand I’m sure.

  • We had a pretty sweet interview with Jay Fleming of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on episode 70 of the Hot Box. Represent! I’m sorry, I have to represent both of my shows. It’s not my fault Danni only has one podcast and I have two. Don’t be jealous.
  • Who’s ready for this summer of super mega awesome podcast meet up love? Fuck yea this is going to be sweet! Saturday July 23rd 2011! Join the forums and get your plans situated.
  • Let’s welcome back for the second time in the Jamhole, our friend and creator of the website Stuff White People Like, Christian Lander! He was our very first interview way back at episode 80. He wrote a new book that came out a bit ago called Whiter Shades of Pale. You should all go buy it, because this shit is fucking FUNNY!
  • If you like openly mocking white people, you should go check out White Person Bingo! It’s a great car game with endless hours of fun for the whole family.
  • Basically, it takes a lot of luck, and a tiny bit of talent to make it in show biz. First you make the website, then you write the book, then you write another book to demonstrate your first book wasn’t a fluke. Then you do the tours, then you get the gig writing for television. BINGO! Christian has some great advice for everyone listening.
  • Look at us bumping elbows with the stars. We are two degrees separated from the brilliant minds behind Texts from Last Night.
  • We aren’t getting paid from this in any way, but if you want a good funny book, you should all go show Christian Lander some love and pick up his books. Tell him the Jamhole sent you!
  • For the last thirty years I’ve been living with this sharp pain in my gut. Who would have thought, I had a 30 year old small human rotting away in my womb. The fetus was petrified.
  • Do you miss your foreskin? Did you grow up without the pleasure of having a little hiding place for the head of your little pecker? Well fear no more, we can get that shit back! Best name ever, can you imagine the person who had to file that set of papers? That just looks like a lot of unnecessary pain just to make your dick all weird looking.
  • Yes, my legs look like two big huge white hairy drum sticks. Do you feel better now? I like to think of them as tree trunks. That’s what happens when you carry 100 pounds back and forth all day. In other news, I think I’m getting shorter, but at least my arms are getting longer.
  • Your line is how long? Just to get scammed? A line of people 16 miles long. People are dying in this line, it is so long. I don’t care what you have, I’m not waiting in a line that is measured in miles. Hey, what’s the harm? This concoction can cure EVERYTHING!
  • I need you all to look at this woman, in the EYES. This is what happens when god says you’ve had enough plastic surgery. Now you can’t blink. What did you learn? Sorry, I should really make sure my sound clips are encoded right when I try to play them. Oh well, you get the picture.
  • You sat to death. Darwin award anyone? How did you take a dump? Never mind. See, accommodation leads to fat lazy shitty death.
  • The pirate problem is getting so out of control, they are thinking of building a pirate jail. Who gets booty in pirate jail?
  • Email info@thejamhole.com and leave us a message at 406.204.4687.
  • Thanks Gina! I will write well. Don’t listen to Danni. I will make time for this. This is something I’ve always wanted to do.
  • Check out our first annual live audience show for ep 250, then watch the second annual for ep 404. This year it is on, Turkey style. Check the Jamhole Facebook page, and watch the event for more details.

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