Ep 516.2: Old Ways


“I’m not gonna pinch off my turd so you can fix your mascara.”

I honestly have no idea what happened in this part. Apparently Danni reads comics to you guys, and Shawn tells us about why you need to experience man things, in order to be a man. You need to have EVERY experience. All of them. As a man. I feel like I’m listening in to a conversation that wasn’t for my ears. Is that what it’s like for you when you listen to this? Prayers are good, dollars are better. Remember that. Anyway here’s some fucking links.

– Remember, we did this to raise money for our trip to Milwaukee. You can listen to that show here, then give us 5 bucks, or whatever you think it’s worth. I mean fuck dudes, I wrote you a story. Keep in mind how much we spent on this trip. Plane tickets are fucking expensive, even the cheap internet plane tickets on Frontier.

– You can check out the shirt designs here. If you want the Jamhole Dicks shirt, you can order that right here. Calling all Jamholians. Send us your fan artwork, and we’ll toss it up on the site! Email info@thejamhole.com.

– From Zen to Poo. Hey, Mat and Brayden are back! But you only hear Brayden. Enjoy this! If it sucked, blame the Ambien, and me taking an hour shower. Oh wait, there’s Mat. Right at the very end. Take FIVE!

By Mat Lee

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