Ep 517.5: Japanese Club Podcast Meetup


“Drew is the concierge of podcasting.”

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve tried (unsuccessfully) about twice now to do a multi podcast feed with all of our shows. The first incarnation was the PGB (Podcast Gangbang). Some of you might remember this from podcastgangbang.com. This was The Jamhole, Stereo Radiation, Big Mouths, Basement Boyz, Hot Cakes, Original Geeks, and Ear Candy NY, all doing questions of the week, and posting to one feed. I guess it’s really hard to get people to remember to post to this whole other feed. We are usually so spent after doing a show, that you the listener is lucky we remember to post to our own feed half the time. So that was fun for a while, but then went down in flames. I think something about the server having problems and the domain never getting renewed and of course, people being lazy. Podcasting is nothing else if not a glamorous lifestyle. Most of us pass up the chance to put food in our babies’ and baby mommies’ mouths so that we can pay for our server bill for another month. That’s the kind of dedication some of us bring to the table.

The next incarnation was a cool little idea called Project 4987. This was The Jamhole, Josh from the Big Mouths podcast, Mike Boudet doing his old show Universe of Mystery, Redfox from Spork Roast, and Hot Cakes (which turned into Mindfull.co which is now on hiatus I guess). I think Stereo Radiation joined later, but you can never be sure with this sorts of things. So we put up a few episodes of all of us skyping in together, but it turns out, that editing a show together using four different recordings of ourselves is a HUGE pain in the ass. It did sound good, but who has the time to do that shit. Certainly not I, and I think I edited together one of those episodes. Probably the one that sounds really awful, because I cut corners. I completely blame myself for this one failing. I think you can still go to project4987.com and listen to those early drafts. Listen to that shit. For reals.

That was about it. We always had a pact of sorts that if the people the furthest away (us, the Hot Cakes guys, and Josh from Big Mouths podcast) would come to Milwaukee, or somewhere closer to where everyone else lived, that everyone else would do what needed to be done to go, and we would all get together to do a huge podcast meet up / live show. Well, about two years later (Project 4987 started in about November of 2009), we finally sort of made it happen. Not all of us mind you, becasuse there was quite a bit of pod fading, and a little death in those two years, but those of us still alive and doing shows managed to get our shit together enough to make the journey to Milwaukee.

In this episode, you will hear Danni and myself of The Jamhole, Capital Z and McG from the podcast formerly known as Stereo Radiation, Redfox and Reed from Spork Roast, and Mike Boudet from Am I Bugging You. You will also hear from the “studio audience.” This was billed as a Japanese Animation Club Podcast Meetup, so you can figure out why there wasn’t that many people there. Or maybe we just aren’t as popular as we like to pretend we all are. Also keep in mind that the audio from the mixer we had recording was completely clipped to shit, and the audio from the live stream wasn’t much better, so we had to go with plan b. Plan b, was my JVC Everio audio. The plus side was that the Everio picked up the audience as well as us, the down side is, is that it’s an Everio, and the Everio can only sound so good. I cleaned it up as best as I could, so I hope you all enjoy this. I also made special album art, and a super awesome intro mashup. I swear if you fuckers try to sue me for copyright I will sell off all my podcasting equipment, and buy plane tickets to where each of you live, and I will do some major ass kicking.

So here’s what you need to know as far as links to pertinent Milwaukee Meetup 2011 media.

– The pictures we took are all on my Facebook, Danni’s Facebook, as well as here in this awesome Picasa gallery part 1 and part 2. If you have pictures from this trip, send them to me and I will add them to the Picasa gallery.

– Check the Am I Bugging You Facebook page, as well as The Jamhole’s Facebook page for some other pictures and maybe a little video from Mike.

– I have posted the episode here, which you can discuss in our forums or leave a comment at the end of this long ass post. I offered the original audio to everyone else, but I really don’t think they wanted to do any editing. Feel free to email them and ask why they didn’t post the episode on their feeds. They will probably say because it wasn’t worth posting.

– A huge thanks to Redfox from Spork Roast for putting this whole thing together, and for hooking up the rock star treatment, and thanks to everyone I made fun of who was a really good sport about it. Mainly Reed’s girlfriend. We’ll discuss what that means on episode 518, which we will start as soon as I’m done with this. I’ve almost wrote 1,000 words, so I’m just going to end it right there.

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