Ep 538: Faith Lift


“This is my word as a man, if I’m not there next year, I will commit ritualistic suicide.”

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 – Join Mat, Danni, and Zen Master Shawn for tonights episode of the Jamhole. The last time ZEN master Shawn was on the show, it was part of the Jamhole 24 hour marathon. Remember that?

– Is your faith all sad and saggy? Well, come in for a faith lift. Is this what churches have resorted to? What ever happened to early child indoctrination and brainwashing? I miss the good old days. Skull church appeals to latch key kids for some reason. Why does everyone find god in jail?

– Like we asked, begged and pleaded before, go to Podcast Awards and give us a vote. The Jamhole for MATURE and the Hot Box for NEWS / POLITICS. Thank you.

– Sorry for the shitty schedule, but I’ve been producing podcasts like a mad man. Check out my handy work over at groovyPost.com. Click the groovyCast link. We do Attack of the Androids every Thursday, and regular tech shows throughout the week. I’m like the Walter Cronkite of this tech shit.

– CM7 runs like a deer on the Droid Incredible. Danni approves. I may have breached her privacy… Allegedly.

– MDS calls in from Florida. Jamholian Citizen Zero. The hawk is not actually in the studio. Different Shawn, but hey, we can give him a fucking call. Conference style. How professional are we?

– So hey Shaun, what the fuck have you been doing? Besides allegedly drunk driving.

– Let’s talk about the Michael Jackson doctor trial. He has over a hundred pill bottles. I see why they call it the Neverland Ranch. HEee Heee…

– So, Steve Jobs decided to go the naturopathic route. Why would you do that? Please stop leaving your trash at the Apple Stores. They are starting to look like land fills.

– What have you been watching on TV lately? Shows that have been rocking? Nikita season 2 is not too bad, aside from all the soap opera bullshit. Ted Danson on CSI Vegas is kicking a little ass. Do you remember Ted Fucking Danson? Everyone knows your name. The Big Bang Theory and Dexter both kicking ass. Check out what we’re watching over on Go Miso!

All your drones are belong to us. This is what happens when you don’t take security seriously.

– Go make a difference over on We the People. Notice which petition is still on top. 56,286 signatures and still going.

– How can I fuck my neighbor over today? Every good citizen should ask themselves that very question each and every morning.

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