Ep 540: Cool Pants


“I apologize for that, are you ok?”

Here we go now baby here we go now. Here we go now baby here we go now. What’s the TIME? It’s 420! Damn, this hash I got for my birthday has got me WEEDED. Ok fuck this, go listen to the episode, and follow along with these notes. Also note the hint of disgust in Danni’s voice when I mention I’m a year older. Nice. Yeah. Super nice.

– I’m dating a 31 year old man. Oh yea? I’m dating a 26 year old with the body of a 58 year old. Do you feel good? Because that’s whats important. It’s all about the hot wrapper. Which just so happens to be something else we have in common.

– Hey, this is the last night for the Podcast Awards voting. Get your asses over there and vote.

– It was my birthday yesterday. So write it down and remember for next year. Ten twenty two. Damn I feel rough, some episodes should only be in audio. You can probably still catch the live video, for at least six more days over on our Justin.tv page.

– A huge thanks to everyone that gave me some herb for my birthday. I must allegedly have like a half pound or something. But seriously, thank you so much! Also huge thanks to Nicole for hooking up some pay pal monies. It’s the little things that keep us going pay check to paycheck. Thank you.

– This oil is amazing. Sativa oil rocks my socks off the cat box. I also got some pants that fit! How’s about that. Also thank you for all the Facebook happy birthday wishes. If only there was a way to turn those into something useful, like cash. It’s a mental boost at least.

– Could this get any more incriminating? Of course it could. I want you to put it in my ass! Pardon? Jamhole Public Service Announcement time, if you are going to fuck your chick in the ass, you should probably wash it off before you put it in her vagina, otherwise she might get a bladder infection. Just saying…

– Good things come to those who wait… But life isn’t a fucking ketchup commercial, and I have things to do, and I hate wasting time. Sit back and blaze one for the nation while Danni tells us the story of how Walmart tried to ruin my 31st birthday. We do have quite the picture gallery.

– I do have a butt, and if you were watching the live show, or the archived video footage from the live show, you would see my butt for yourself. See what I mean about the back vagina? I have a luxurious rug back there.

– Because I am such a huge massive dick, Danni actually got me to eat a dick for my 31st birthday. Eat A … Can I get a large Jamhole please, with a side of cock sauce.

– I also share a birthday with a little guy named THE WORLD! Just saying, me and god, just creating things. Happy birthday. How can you really believe this shit? How stupid do you have to be?

Danni and I are now in a Domestic Partnership. It’s official, we are now officially partners domestically and ready to wreck shit. I’m ready for things to be equal. Ready get set go. We’ve been engaged for far too long, and if you would like to follow this quaint little drama, harness the power of the book with us.

– Can you please stop saying UGGhhh every time I say I’m 31? Also, what do you know about having sex with Brayden? Sure, you’ll have sex with Brayden in dreams, but you won’t blow me in real life. What type of shit is that? How many dreams is this? We need to get Brayden back on the show.

– Have you seen this Laproscopic tumor surgery? Danni put it all out there for you to see. Might I recommend part two?

– The rap music is going good. Get the free Rap Music Project while you’re waiting for this new shit.

–  Has everyone been occupying their respective places and minds? Honk if you are the 99%.

– Did you see the bears up in the tree? They made the front page of the Daily Interlake the next day. I had pics first so meh. Here are the pics from my old Sony Cybershot. Now, get the fuck out of here. Like Tosh said, this wouldn’t happen if we would just destroy more of their homes.

– Please, don’t ever give me an ironic blow job, ever ever again. You take that shit seriously for fucks sake.

– Everyone has a friend that has done something like this, maybe minus the whole “getting into bed with a six year old” thing. Hey, have you seen my cousin?

– Fuckin whores, fucking whores, that’s called prostitution. Nice. Those deputies weren’t the only ones who received a tip, wanky wank.

These twins just had twins. Who’s mind is blown? Yea, mine either. Moving on…

– We’re working on our masters in domestic relationships. Next, a LLC. Maybe non profit. Yea, probably non profit. Email info@thejamhole.com and leave a message at 406.204.4687 or text me during the week at 406.848.1739.

– Make sure you go to groovyPost.com and check out the podcasts I’m doing there! You are nerds, you like tech. Just do it and stuff.

Here’s the embed for the live episode footage. Enjoy.

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