Ep 544: Butt Chugging


“I close people all day, I’ll give you a cut.”

Yay, another episode of the Jamhole, and more show notes for me to write! I love my job. Have I mentioned to you all how much I’m loving life right now? Things are good. Tech shows are good, getting paid to talk and write is good, not to mention delivering water during the days and keeping my lazy self in shape, is good. So yea, that’s that, and this is this, here’s some show notes. Follow along with the bouncy ball. Damn, how cool would it be if we could get a bouncy ball to do what we say…

– It’s episode 544 and we have Robby back with us in the Jamhole studio. The last time Robby was on a show was the Jamhole 525 show, which was our third annual Jamhole live audience party! We’ve missed you Robby! Let’s catch up with what Robby has been up to. Let’s talk about shitty jobs and the vicious circle that becomes.

– The Jamhole has been put on a weekly schedule. Catch live shows every Sunday! We also do a show one day during the week, which we will use the Jamhole Facebook page and the Jamhole Twitter to let you know when the show goes live. Sorry, but that’s just how it has to be. Schedules can be the pain in the ass sometimes.

– Let’s talk about Pathways, the home for crazy people and drug addicts.

– What is your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse model? Let’s run the model!

– Let’s talk about a show called The Colony. Have you ever heard of it? Me either, but apparently Robby thinks it’s the shit. We’ll have to check it out and report back. If I was on that show, shit would get real. If you steal food from me, I’m going to kill you.

– Where do they have sex with animals the most? Rural Brazil of course. Question, if you were into SWA (sex with animals), would you report it? These people all reported it, thus we have a study. Sex with animals will give you cancer. Remember that, everyone who finds this show from searching Google for “How to fuck a cow.”

– I watched Rise of the Apes again. We’re glad the monkey saved his monologue for the end of the movie. Could you imagine that the whole show?

– Let me introduce you to the most ridiculous piece of legislation I think I’ve ever seen. Amy Klobuchar, your services are no longer necessary. Thanks. Why would you ever vote for the Internet Blacklist Bill? Demand progress has a great piece on it.

– Who believes in a flying spaghetti monster? Who’s down with Scientology? Robby, may we proceed? Listen to this story, this guy went crazy having to deal with their nutty bullshit. If you practice Scientology, you are in the business of closing people, Clockwork Orange style.

– What do you know about climate change? The world (that’s us!) has like five years before we’re fucked. Deal or no deal.

– You don’t have to be a bored millionaire to want to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air baloon. I for one, would be ready to leave on a moments notice to come with you, my new rich bored millionaire friend, and we will document and stream the whole experience. Fun right?

– Can we agree that all three of the Transformers…. Nevermind Robby.

– The first known surgery ever performed on the male genitalia. Yay!

– What do you know about Butt Chugging? Kids these days right? Just don’t smoke around me when I’m gassy. I blame the teachers for the kids being so fucking retarded.

– Is being in Scientology more, or less silly, then being Mormon? Damn that’s a tough call.

– What would it take to get Robby to do a show, while butt chugging?

– Good luck trying to clear the occupy area. Those kids moms have been trying for years to have them go out and get a job. You think you’ll have any better luck? Hey Colin Powell, what do you think?

– When the shit goes down, you better be ready. Check out the Jamhole on Facebook and make sure you’re subscribed to the show. Write us nice reviews in iTunes, because that’s what your mother would want. You can also leave a message for the show if you want. I promise I’ll stop keeping my Skype open. No more awkward interactions, I promise. 406.204.4687 or text me at 406.848.1739.

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