Ep 543: Class Warfare


“Yesterday was the fifth of November, did you all remember?”

Read on fine denizen of the internet. Read on.

– Let’s welcome Shaun Cubbs back to the Jamhole. It’s been a while since we’ve all been together. Let’s get some good solid blanket time in.

– What the fuck has Lyrickal been up to lately? You know. The usual real rapper life style.

– Why is it I imagine everything in Russia is grey? It’s because I read stories like this. Russia consumes 21% of the worlds heroin. Talk about greedy.

– Bitch, you break my Star Wars toy. I’m going to kill you. Oh know you didn’t bitch.

– Who are the most overpaid actors in Hollywood? What a fucking waste.

– We use Facebook, why would you want to destroy it? If you use Facebook, you probably only have two friends. Now you’re using the tool. Danni rationalizes her use of Facebook. Sure she’ll comment. But that’s about it.

– How many fucking people? That’s out of hand. We talk demographics for a minute.

– Berger sent in a story about how helmets really ain’t shit. See, this is what happens when you make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

– Look at all these hookers you found! She looks like an alien hybrid. It’s all about the freckles. Not attractive.

All spam is designed to trick the elderly. The elderly in Louisana. Because seriously, it’s not that hard. We should do this experiment.

– And that’s a show, thanks for joining us. We have been doing shows during the week and on Sundays. For the exact time, follow Twitter, the Facebook page, etc…

– Get them tunes up ASAP FAM! Peep the SoundCloud!

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