Ep 551: Mass Ejection


“Well yeah, I don’t know what my mom tastes like though.”

Christmas has come and gone, another year almost finished. One thing you can usually depend on is The Jamhole delivering free awesome content to help kill your time with. That’s right, it’s time to re-brand ourselves, and show the world we really are. A massive waste of time! I know when people listen to podcasts, unless they are learning something, you’re actually just finding ways to help keep your mind occupied (don’t pepper spray me bro), for however long you need a break. That’s what we do best. We have discussions about all sorts of crazy stupid whack shit, hopefully making you laugh and think a little more than usual, and by the time you check back into reality, the appropriate amount of time has passed. The Jamhole, professional time killers. Just like that arcade game. Remember Time Killers? Oh well, here’s some fucking notes!

– Did you know you can watch this show LIVE? God damn right you can. Every time we do an episode. When do we do episodes? Every week, but what day? Well if you follow us on Twitter or are a member of the Facebook page, you would know. You can also hear us replayed on Stitcher Smart Radio. How awesome is that?

– Let’s start the show for exactly what you all came here for, to hear us argue with each other. I mean shit, anything worth doing is worth doing right. You might be a redneck…

– What is your favorite doomsday scenario? What do you know about EMP’s? A really big fucking EMP. Listen here Newt bro. We built one so big, it’s going to fuck us as well. We might want to re-think this.

– Here’s a quick update on SOPA. The cure is worse than the disease. Way worse. What the fuck is everyone’s problem. You greedy sons of bitches. I blame Hollywood, the pharmaceutical companies, and the record labels. If you break the Internet, this will quickly turn into a war. A very ugly war.

– What do you know about texture physics? Is it possible to jerk yourself off to DEATH? This kid apparently did, if the story is true. Your dick in a rabbits butt hole? What does that even mean Danni?

– Let’s all pour out a little liquor for Christopher Hitchens. This man had an amazing career. The most feared debater in the WORLD. Listen to episode 336 of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe to hear an amazing discussion full of quotes and tributes to the great Christopher Hitchens. You can read about him on Wiki also.

– You make me want to kill myself… Daily. I really do love you though. It’s a love hate sort of thing.

– Don’t ever lie to your mother about having a Facebook profile. You might get beat with a computer cable. Never hit your kids where they will bruise. Duh.

– Truck driver meth fueled bondage sex party. This story pretty much as it all. It doesn’t get much better than this. Hey Mark Andrew Rice, are we good? Is everything cool?

Best school prank EVER! You made out with your parents. Guess who’s outraged? Check out the video here.

Thousands of birds dead or injured because they thought they were landing in water. It was actually not water, it was pavement, or grass. Damn that must have hurt. Duck and roll guys, duck and roll. By the way, what is the worst downy you’ve ever seen?

– PETA is fucking pissed about this small town’s little New Years tradition. Instead of lowering a ball, they lower an opossum. Awesome, but not cruel, nor illegal. PETA, you are stupid in this case. You have nothing better to do?

– If you’re not going to pass a test, then don’t take it. You didn’t have to call in a bomb threat, but whatever gets the job done.

– Danni shares with us a story of being too dumb to have a baby. What a beautiful story especially when Danni tells it.n Too dumb to marry, let alone become a mother. How dumb? Yea… that dumb.

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