Ep 552: Senseless Act


“Would you like to share with the class?”

Look at that would you? Another piece of the puzzle complete. It’s almost the new year which means fresh starts for everyone. Yeah right, we’ll see how long that lasts. I believe there is nothing a human loves more than a good solid reset. There’s just something about being able to start over (in their mind at least) that makes our brains go on dopamine overload. It’s really weird if you think about it, because in all honesty, you know you’re just going to fuck up, probably the same or in a worse way than you did the previous year. But hey, if humans are good at one thing, it’s making bullshit resolutions then completely not following through with them. Anyways, time is short and the list of shit I have to get done is long, so here’s some fucking notes…

– Check this shit out, episode 552 motherfuckers! Merry Christmas motherfuckers! Did you know you can catch both the Jamhole and the Hot Box podcasts on Stitcher Smart Radio? Hell yes you can! Go listen and see how cool it is. Take the Jamhole and friends with you on whatever device you happen to be using.

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– Speaking of donations, our Skype line is going to expire on Friday, and we would really appreciate it if you helped take care of that. Make it happen Jamholia. If you

– Sometimes you make me so angry, I want to punch you in the tits. You know what that’s like? It’s like how Danni wants to punch me in the taint. Don’t blame the taint. Anything but the taint.

– Thanks for a wicked awesome Christmas present. I got the book Zero Day by Mark Russinovich. This is such an amazing book. I was barely able to put it down long enough to get these show notes done. You’re welcome.

– Who’s ready for the Uhh Yeah Dude Seattle live show? This is going to be so fucking awesome! Shaun “Lyrickal” Cubberly is also joining Bob and myself on this little jaunt through the northwest. The date is quickly approaching. Friday, January 13th at the Neptune¬†Theater¬†in Seattle Washington. Join us won’t you? If you want to discuss the trip, hop on our forums! Get your tickets right here.

– Remember, start planning now to join us on the 2012 End of the World Cruise. This is going to be so much fun, for more information, listen to Astronomycast and check out the End of the World Cruise website.

– Tis the season… for murder and carnage. The first story is about a 91 year old woman named Dory Pozas. She got burned, so to speak. Now you’re a Christmas spirit. Nice Danni. I completely missed that during the show.

– How the fuck are you going to murder someone on Christmas, in a town called Pleasantville, out of all places? That’s just asking for trouble. Just listen to all the problems this quaint little town has. Maybe they just don’t like Christmas.

Seven shot to death in Fort Worth. They opened their gifts on Christmas, then were shot to death. Merry Christmas!

– Are we cool? A store clerk shot to death. He wasn’t even supposed to be there that day. Working as a good deed to the owners, and what do you get for your troubles? Shot dead.

– Danni shares a story about some more Christmas cheer. This guy punched a cop in the FACE! I blame the Christmas music. Well done shoe-less offender.

– What do you know about the Vatican? Let’s talk about this massive waste. We have eight surprising facts you may not know. So much for humbling thyself before god and all that other bullshit.

– Shared via Stumbleupon by our good friend Berger, we proudly present to you, the Science of getting kicked in the NUTS. This is a very painful article. If you are a guy, you know all about that sort of pain. Why did you put our nuts right there, where they can be easily kicked.

– As if we didn’t have enough shit to worry about in life. Do you know what a Neti Pot is? Yea… If you don’t use clean water, you can get yourself your very own brain eating amoeba. How cool is that? Why do people still use these ancient forms of “hygeine?” Can you please move on with the rest of the human race… Well, most of us at least.

– You can’t even get something out of a vending machine without being watched. Social vending machines, the next generation. I’m glad we’ve got that under control, now if only we could figure out how to get our society straightened out. Here’s some cock, enjoy.

– What do you do when you get fired for being a teacher by day and a porn star by night? Well duh, you start your own p0rn company. Nice and classy. I’m curious about the kid that told on her. I bet he got beat up by all the other kids who were getting A’s in bj’s.

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