Ep 558: Sooner or Later


“I’m addicted to the first three months of you.”

the break up

Here you go, the one you’ve all been waiting for. I mean, since the last one, that you were all waiting for. You know, the first few times we’ve broken up. What is it with people and trying to force something that just doesn’t fit? I’m guilty of it as much as the next man and woman, but it’s an odd trait you really only see in we the upright walking people. Could you imagine if animals had brains large enough to be so stupid to try and force a relationship. Some of us can make it work, some of us really try to make it work, and slowly as time goes on, some of us just completely give up on life. Not all life, but some life. I would like to file my transfer to transmogrify into something that could live at the bottom the ocean. I think that life would be way more interesting than this one at the moment, at least short term. After a while I’m sure the even an eco system as large and diverse as the ocean gets to be boring once you’ve swam around it for a few million years. Anyways, we still love each other, we will still do shows. I think loving our ex girlfriends is something we should all strive to do a little more. Either way, Robby is hosting Wednesday, Danni will get Sunday. See you then, in the meantime, read some fucking notes.

What’s the weather like up here? Let me check my Prime. 42 degrees and raining shit. Moving on.

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This shit is so for real. Not only do we hate each other on the show, but this carries over to real life.

Yeah, I don’t wear rings. It’s a Mat thing.

You know when I asked if you would marry me and you just laughed, that should have been my first hint. You never should have led me on like that. But please don’t attack me.

Apparently my game is that of a child. Well, whatever works right? I like how Danni completely blows up my spot here. Hey look at me, I’m pretty. Do you want to have sex?

Ask Danni what her new tat means. It’s sexy and sleazy at the same time. Speaking of sex, have you noticed the massive amount of little tiny babies on Facebook? Hey, what’s your due date?

Let’s all pour out a little liquor for Danni’s cat that just died. Right when she walked in the door.

“And remember, you are special because I made you, and I don’t make mistakes.” -God Sure God, whatever.

This break up is going really great! The last time we broke up, Danni almost ended up in a mental institution. I’m glad everyone is happy. Now please shut up and put this in your mouth.

What’s up with women switching teams and eating pussy when they get into their 30’s?

Listen how mean this gets. Now let’s talk about Acupuncturists and cancer having prostitutes. Since when did fake wanna be scam doctors start treating cancer?

One in ten men have this mysterious STD. Listen to how proud Danni gets when she knows about a topic. Spoiler Alert! It’s oral HPV.

A British porn star has insured his dick up to a cool million dollars. The shitty thing is, the owner of the porn studio gets the money if anything happens.

Show of hands, who remembers the Barefoot Bandit? He got sentenced to six and a half years. Good times, I hope the movie is good.

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