Ep 557: Serious Penalties


“You can’t use legislation to save a dying business model.”

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I just got back from our good friend Adam’s place, and I have to say something I saw there changed my life. So check this out, and I’m sure this is probably most obvious to those of you who do this, but he has these fairly large salt water fish tanks. Inside each is a whole Adam sustained, vibrantly colorful ecosystem. It’s alive! Everything in there is alive, and for the most part lives day to day just doing it’s thing, completely unaware of the world around it, the world outside of the fish tank. What really blows my mind is that each of these creatures have their own mannerisms and personalities. It was really weird to watch. I shrunk myself down in my mind and started walking around inside the fish tank. There were creatures in there I’ve never seen or heard of before. Cool looking starfish that looked like an octopus and walked around like an alien. I don’t know, I’m sure a lot of you are reading this like duh Mat, fish are cool and that’s why people have them. From what Adam said, it’s quite a bit of work to take care of them all, but for the pure relaxing satisfaction of being able to sit around and watch life in progress interact with itself and the most basic level, is really something cool to behold. If I had lots of money, I would totally have a room with a circular type couch in the middle, and around the couch I would have a giant salt water fish tank. I would go to that room to be completely zen, smoke pot and write. Or eat mushrooms and stare at the fish. Anyway, thanks for letting me stare at your fish like a child. It was a very eye opening experience. If you want to see all the pics I took, check out my Google+. Here’s some notes!

Let’s give a huge raging Jamhole welcome to our friend Robby! He’s filling in for Danni this evening. It works out. When I called Robby, he was sleeping at the gym. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Call us live during the show at 406.204.4687, but only if you have something serious to say. Robby ain’t fucking around. How do you know when the show is live? You follow the Twitter, like the Facebook page, follow the Justin.tv or look to the right on the menu, and it will tell you!

Robby has possibly found the perfect job. I’m going to make stuff from home! Yea, pretty sure that’s no way to make a decent living Robby.

Have you heard about this? Let’s catch Robby up on the SOPA / PIPA business. Megaupload gets taken down, then some government sites get taken down. Who wins in all this? The lawyers duh! This is why we should always Demand Progress. You can’t use legislation to save your dying business model. That’s bullshit!

You should read the book Zero Day by Mark Russinovich. Just saying, it’s a great story. It’s like non fiction fiction.

They found a dead cat in Arkansas. This sad kittens belongs to Jacob Burris. It was found with the word Liberal written on it. This is why cat’s shouldn’t work in politics.

Bring on the dead babies! Actually, I haven’t seen Danni all week. Things are going to start changing, and you can hear all about it on the Sunday episode.

Guess who’s back in the mainstream news? Yep, the god damn Somali pirates. You can’t win when pirates are involved, just ask the MPAA.

What kind of stupid useless shit do you spend your hard earned (or not) money on? Mostly things to stuff our fat American faces with.

Oklahoma has a new bill that has been approved outlawing the use of fetus in the Food Industry. Tastes like happy! I’m more curious what type of food products have fetus in them. I mean you wouldn’t have to make the bill right? Wouldn’t you know it, we actually did talk about dead babies, in a weird round about way.

Robby has an amazing story about asking Planned Parenthood if they accept sperm donations. It’s amazing what you’ll do for ten bucks.

What does the audience think? Robby should have brought me a Rockstar and completely not have expected to get paid for it. But it was only a buck sixty nine. Don’t be a cheap Jew Robby.

Hey four year old, where did you get all that weed? Kids get the best shit. He just wanted to share. I probably should have saved this one for the Hot Box.

Dude, so what’s up with your face?

If you want to scam the welfare system, follow this nice easy how to. Keep in mind, she did get arrested. It’s a cold world.

Robby shares his way of getting out of a speeding ticket. This will work 99% of the time. If it does not, make sure to get a hold of Robby. Can you guys help me pay my speeding ticket? Check out our give me money page.

So we’ll see how this goes on Sunday, but as of right now, we’ll be doing Robby shows on Wednesday, and Danni shows on Sunday. But like I said, it all depends on how the next Sunday show goes. We’ll see you then on Jamhole TV. You probably want to catch this one live.

Robby closes out the show with a dead baby joke. Thanks Robby!

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