TJH 564: Organized Religion


“Seth, I’m going to test your faith this evening.”

So I got a tad bit behind on show notes, and as my ex girlfriend / co host Danni was so kind to point out, that usually only happens when I’m distracted by something. Well here we are bouncing around the back and forth ball of I told you so once more. Let’s not try to rub poop in anyone’s face, at least not on purpose. You were right though, this was the best thing for us. I’m glad you helped to pull my head out of my ass so that we can both move on with clear open minds. I’m sure I’ll be thanking you later. Hell, I’m already thanking you. Thank you! I’m going to keep this brief and to the point since I only have one bowl of herb left, the clock just struck midnight and I have to work in the morning. Keep reading for some notes.

This was a great episode, mainly because of all the talent we managed to squeeze in the Jamhole studio. Joining me on this episode of the Religioncast are Robby and Ben. We also have some girl here whom you will hear from shortly. As much shit as I give these guys, they really are good dudes, and I am honored to host a show with them anytime.

If you are wondering when we are doing shows, follow The Jamhole Twitter, Facebook and Google+. So far, it’s The Jamhole on Monday, the Buffer Overflow Show on Tuesday, Attack of the Androids on Thursday, and the Hot Box on Saturday. Peep game!

This is exactly what Facebook was made for. Let’s play a little game. I’m going to read you something from Facebook, and I want you to tell me who said it. Let’s all take a moment to remember why we should take care of what we post on Facebook, because Facebook is public. Thanks everyone!

And now you see why Ben is great, but only in short doses. He uses the world’s empathy against us. I’m just mad I didn’t think of it first. Now let’s hear from Robby’s “girlfriend.” This should be good. She can speak for herself, so listen up.

Let’s shift gears and talk about some things other people have posted on Facebook. Like the unfettered random bullshit our good friend Ben likes to post. I mean honestly, we all like to do it, Ben just turns it into an art form.

Religion is a tool. Let’s just set that right there for a quick second. Tools come in all shapes and sizes. It’s more about how you use the tool.

Seth Heringer from Attack of the Androids gives us a call to further take this theological discussion to a whole new level. This was fun and Seth was an amazing sport.

We ask the hard hitting questions here. So when you die and realize what you have believed in your whole life has been a complete scam, how upset are you going to be?

How do you get to pick and choose which stories and parables the congregation gets to hear during any given Sunday?

This is what killed god for me. What killed god for you? Drop us a comment!

Remember the Target knows you are pregnant before your parents do story? Let’s quickly revisit with this update. She was not so on target. My neck and my back!

So tell me again who’s fault it is our nation is filled with a bunch of fat lazy alcoholics? An object at rest tends to remain at rest. Just remember that.

Are you using Pinterest? I am, and you can re-pin my shit! It’s basically a bulletin board to post pictures you steal from other sites. No one actually makes any new content anymore, we just share existing content.

If you’re a woman and you have a heart attack, you can pretty much all but forget about getting treated. The only treatment you will probably receive is a nice breast exam. Yea, guys are pigs.

If you want to figure out how someone might perform at a job, check them out on Facebook instead of giving them a stupid IQ test. People suck at taking tests, but we are really awesome at sharing every single mundane event in our stupid jaded lives. I’m telling you, it’s all about harnessing the power of that book, whether it be for good, evil, or your own personal gain.

I have no clue what people are doing in Ohio, but this really pissed some people off. So did you actually stay in a concentration camp? Of course not, then how would you know? This is a good example of how NOT to harness the power of the book properly.

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